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Thornewood Castle was built by one of the founders of the Port of Tacoma, Chester Thorne as a gift to his bride, Anna. The manor took more than 4 years to complete, occupying more than 20,000 square feet. It finally opened in 1991. No cost was spared to make the manor as magnificent as it can possible be, with bricks dating as far back as 400 years. The manor house was designed by Kirkland Cutter, a very famous architect.
Chester Thorne was a man who was enchanted by the grandeur of old English states and swore that he would also build his own dream castle in time. He purchased a 400 year old manor in England, had it dismantled and shipped to the United States brick by brick to be included in the building of what is now known as Thornewood Castle. The manor has a collection of rare artwork which is hand painted onto the glass. The glass is mounted in windows throughout the estate. There are also beautifully handcrafted fountains located throughout the manor.
Thornewood Castle in Washington has a very long history and it is also the home of various spectres which just refuse to leave. The original owner of the manor himself, Chester Thorne, has made several appearances over the years. In the room he formerly occupied, light bulbs have been known to turn on and off of their own accord. They have also been found unscrewed.
Guests and staff have reported seeing Anna, Chester Thorne’s wife, sitting in the window seat of her room. She can be seen looking at the garden longingly. This room is now the bridal suite. One of the things which remain in the room is Anna’s mirror and it is said that sometimes her reflection can be seen behind you.
The grandchild of one of the manor’s former owners who died by drowning, has been seen standing alone by the lake. Guests would rush down there only to find the little child gone.

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