Delaware Haunted Attractions

Delaware may not be known for its ghostly history, but that doesn't mean that the state is without its haunted attractions. For those seeking a spine-tingling experience, here are three haunted attractions in Delaware that are sure to provide thrills and chills.

First on the list is the Fort Delaware State Park in Delaware City. This historic fort, built in 1859, has a long history of ghostly sightings and strange occurrences. Visitors to the fort have reported seeing ghostly soldiers and hearing eerie noises emanating from the old barracks. The fort also has a dark history, having served as a prison during the Civil War and housing Confederate soldiers who died from disease and exposure.

Next on the list is the Lammot du Pont House in Greenville. This historic home, built in 1803, is said to be haunted by the ghost of Lammot du Pont, a prominent member of the du Pont family who died in a tragic accident on the property. Visitors to the house have reported hearing strange noises and seeing objects move on their own.

Last but not least is the Wilmington and Western Railroad in Wilmington. This historic train line is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young girl who was killed in a train accident on the tracks. Passengers on the train have reported seeing the ghostly girl on the tracks and hearing her eerie cries.

If you're in Delaware and looking for a spine-tingling experience, be sure to check out these haunted attractions. Just remember to keep an open mind and be prepared for the unexpected.