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The Emerald Queen Casino Hotel is a four story, Puyallup Indian Tribe's casino gaming center, with eating facilities, entertainment events, and high-end rooms to stay in for their guests. For at the Emerald Queen Casino Hotel, they also offer night life fun, bringing in more funds with these options. Not only does they provide employment for their people and the community, but they offer a source of a variety of entertainment that raises money for the tribe.
They offer "gaming": 56 of the public's favorite Vegas-Style table games, and over 1,490 of the newest machine games. They also offer entertainment, night life and dining. The Bridge Nightclub, located at this site, offers opportunities to dance to top 40 hits, every Friday and Saturday night; and offers live music from local bands as well:"Always a good time - never a cover charge!"
On stage, located at their second Emerald Queen Casino and showroom:(at 2024 E. 29th St., Tacoma, WA 98404), the tribe also sells tickets for shows, offering high quality musical bands;(Air Supply, Lyfe Jennigs) and comedian acts;( Gabriel Iglesias) as well.
Both Emerald Queen entertainment businesses are tribe organizations and high-class joints. They keep an upscale image and standards at both of their establishments, by enforcing a dress code: No weapons of any kind (i.e. pocketknives or Leatherman tools), No excessively revealing clothing, No clothing of any kind with visible obscene language or graphics, No hats, & No baggy clothing. The Emerald Queen Casino Hotel protects the entertainment value of their shows, by not allowing audio, video, or cell phone cameras to be used to record these paid events, for obvious reasons.
The Emerald Queen Casino Hotel was built on a piece of land that has quite a history. Many decades ago, this prime piece of real estate originally was the site of an ancient Indian Puyallup Village and a sacred Indian burial ground, as it is conveniently situated near a source of water, the Puyallup River.
When TB became a prevalent problem in Washington, in the early 20th century, a five story TB hospital was built on this land for the sick, and served TB patients for decades until antibiotics were developed to stop this deadly, horrible disease, that slowly suffocated the sick. So many died here, that the hospital installed its own crematorium in its basement to deal with the many diseased bodies they had on their hands.
When the TB hospital finally closed, it stood vacant for a little while as there were no buyers because of the reputation of spirits wandering around the building and the acreage. Developers stayed away too, not wanting to have a problem selling their developed property. Nothing puts a damper on a real estate sale, than having urban legends about spirits being attached to a property.
The Puyallup Indian Tribe had no fear, and gladly reclaimed this ancestral land property and the vacant building, moving their administrative offices into the structure.
When it became legal for Indian tribes to build their own casinos, the Puyallup Indian Tribe tore down the old building, and built this lovely, four story hotel and casino, hoping to raise money from gaming, and perhaps hoping to get the entities to move on, left over from the old TB Hospital. The Emerald Queen Casino Hotel has been a great source of revenue for the Puyallup Tribe, but the paranormal activity has continued, as people have had benign experiences in this new building.
Building on top of burial spots usually confuses/upsets the spirits whose remains were buried there.
( Cincinatti Music Hall * Topeka High School * Maumee Brewing Company * Belcourt Castle )
People who die in hospitals, especially TB hospitals, sometimes can't move on because they are still hoping to be cured, or don't want to give up their lives in this world just yet.
( Waverly Hills Sanitorium * Kalamazoo Sanitorium * Poughkeepsie College )
People whose remains are buried without a marker or in a mass grave, can trigger restless entities to wander, looking for recognition or their headstone.
( Wood County Infirmary * The Easton Library * Saint Louis Cathedral-6 executed men * Rose Hill Cemetery * Western Cemetery )
Perhaps the ashes of many of the cremated TB victims were buried on grounds in mass graves.
Sometimes spirits attach to the land, when the building that they originally were haunting is torn down, and simply move back into the new structure.
( Capitol Records Building * Joshua Ward House * The Custer House * The Fogg's Homestead House-Tucker Museum Complex )
For years, local folks have reported apparitions wandering around the outside grounds of this property; never sure exactly who these entities were, but thought to be confused.
Perhaps some these spirits are the ancient Puyallup Indians who were buried here, but whose graves were disturbed, or
Perhaps some are the spirits of TB patients who died here.
The Fifth floor of the old State TB Hospital had an active entity population: Women, men and children; all sad and depressed.
Auditory: Women were heard, crying, men were heard moaning, and children were heard, sobbing.
The top floor of the Emerald Queen Casino Hotel -
This fourth floor's hotel rooms and hallways still have some of the same type of activity, but these new top floor hotel rooms seemed to have cheered the entities all up a bit, and they have started to entertain themselves. The rooms all have high speed internet connections, 27” televisions with cable and movie channels. The spacious suites have luxuriously comfortable beds, sleeper sofas and separate gathering areas. The entities don't venture down to the other floors, as they still must think that they are still contagious.
These entities like to borrow items and objects left on the guests' tables, but always bring them back; "Just looking!"
They enjoy turning on and off lights, push the elevator buttons, to make the elevator go to the fourth floor, and they love to channel surf on the rooms' TVs, using the remote.
The Basement area where the crematorium once stood.
Paranormal activity also has been experienced in this area. I bet staff don't go down there alone!
Though my sources don't spell it out, entities must make themselves visible in some way to the living, and probably in other ways as well, trying to find out what happened to themselves, or letting people know that they exist.
Perhaps, some entities are not happy about being burned in the furnace; and wanted to be buried in a traditional way with friends and family. Who knows what the hospital did with all the ashes.
I couldn't find any hard evidence published on line from paranormal investigations, to back up the personal experiences of so many people, the boatload of personal experiences have been reported for years in both the old TB building, and this newer structure as well.
The Emerald Queen Casino Hotel booked a show in September of 2012 featuring Sylvia Brown, a famous psychic and medium. I bet she went and talked to the spirit entities on the fourth floor, and found out more information that was kept private.
Most Probably So; with entities of old TB patients! The overwheleming reports of personal experiences are a pretty good indicator that former TB patients that died so long ago haven't checked out yet, obviously not willing to move on into the spirit world, even when the old TB hospital building was torn down. Entities from the old TB Hospital building have made themselves at home on the fourth floor of The Emerald Queen Casino Hotel, enjoying this new, upscale fourth floor, trying to make the best of it; probably unwilling to accept their death here, or maybe unaware that they had even died.
The Emerald Queen Casino Hotel allows people to go to the fourth floor to hunt for the entity residents staying there, if they check in first, and state what they want to do. Others just rent a room for the night to experience these cheered-up, yet still upset entities.

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