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The entity of Anne Powell...
There are several versions about the circumstances leading up to Anne Powell's suicide.
One story reports that a young woman, 16 year old Anne Powell, was unhappily married to an Englishman, who despite his faults as a husband, did build the large home for her. Anne fell in love with a German sailor who used her but didn't love her. As she saw his ship leave, she threw herself down on the brick courtyard below.
Another version of this story claimed that Anne was an indentured servant forced to marry Steele White, who was a jealous husband who threw her off the second floor. This isn't true because Steele White didn't even live to see his building finished.
second Story: The home was at this time a boarding house. A young, naive, 16 year old maid, by the name of Anne Powell fell in love with a sailor/merchant marine and became pregnant by him. Instead of marrying her right away, he instead promised to return after this voyage in a few months and marry her then. Months past and the sailor was a no show. Anne Powell found out that he never intended to come back because he was already married.
A variation of this story: When she wasn't working as a servant, Anne Powers was a flirtatious beauty, a bit of a tart and party animal and liked to have relationships with young men, perhaps hoping to marry up and out of her social status. She went to bed with a young sailor, fell in love with the lad who was just in it for a good time. When she turned up pregnant, he didn't marry her right away but promised to return after his next voyage in a few months. A few months later, he was a no show, and had no intention of coming back.
However it happened, Anne gambled and lost. Desperate, pregnant and heartbroken, Anne Powers then threw herself onto the bricks below.
The sinister entity in the basement restaurant kitchen
This female entity is thought to be an African American servant who was heavily into Voodoo. She was in charge of the kitchen, and probably took pride in her culinary skills.
The entity of the Merchant Marine
Savannah is a river port city, located on the Savannah River which flows into the Atlantic. The close proximity to the river and sea made it the home of men and their families who made their living on the docks, the boats, and the shipping industry. Merchant marines were men who worked on the boats, many of whom lived in Savannah, a convenient commute!
This building was once home to this entity, who obviously loved his home. Not much is known about him. Perhaps he died suddenly while on a boat, or could've perished in an epidemic outbreak. Perhaps he doesn't know that he is dead and is just going about his business.
Anne Powell may have died by her own actions, but she is a lively, mischievous spirit who has no trouble entertaining herself.
Anne Powell's room was on the second floor, 204, which is the area she makes her presence known most strongly. The owners of 17 Hundred 90 Restaurant and Inn used to make guests who wanted to stay in this room sign a waiver saying that they would not be entitled for their money back if they left in the middle of the night because they were frightened. However, this room is now very popular with ghost seekers and curious folks who know what they are getting into when they rent this room. There's a paranormal experience log one can record experiences.
Anne has been seen sitting in the chair by the room's fireplace.
An unseen female presence is often sensed in this room.
Anne has been known to lay out guests' clothes neatly on the bed.
Some women have come back to the room to find their evening & bedtime clothes taken from their suitcases and laid out on the bed.
Electrical gadgets, lights and new tech items like cameras are irresistible to Anne.
This entity likes to tease the living.
Anne likes to turn on the lights and /or clock radio in the early morning hours.
Anne likes to yank the covers off couples, and has been known to throw their covers up in the air, in a spirit of fun!
If the living leave jewelry, personal items and keys on the fireplace mantle, she will take them and put the items in strange places.
This entity has a weakness for nice undergarments, but she usually gives back the ones she doesn't like in some manner eventually.
Two women staying in this room found that their undergarments were missing from their suitcases. They found them later draped on branches of the inn's Christmas tree in the tavern!
Her spirit is as emotional as when she was alive.
If the living are kind and she likes them, she will not bother them during the night too much.
One young couple burned a vanilla candle in the room, and expressed sympathy for what happened to her, which pleased this spirit.
A young honeymoon couple awoke one early morning to find water drops falling from the ceiling. The spirit of Anne was still crying about her lost love and the rejection she felt.
The spirit of Anne took a strong dislike to a paranormal investigator who brought his equipment into her room to try to get evidence of her existence. She took his car keys and placed them on a headstone on the very back row of headstones in the Bonaventure Cemetery.
According to a Ghost Tour guide and James Caskey, the spirit of Anne took a strong dislike to a young male waiter, Sean whose job it was to collect the B & B meal cards from the door knobs of all the rooms.
One day, as he went around collecting the cards on the first, second and third floors, he felt a strange coldness and an uncomfortable feeling of being watched. The intensity grew and by the time he reached the third floor, it reached a peak when he felt the strange sensation of being picked up off the floor of the hallway about 6 inches. He flew down the stairways to escape.
When the Travel Channel wanted to interview him in room 204, Sean found that an invisible barrier was physically stopping him from entering.
Incidents we experienced during our stay in room #204.
As we did some reading/paper work in our room before retiring, the door latch began to gently move back and forth by itself.
In the early morning hours, in a half-awake state, I realized someone playfully was trying to lightly tug down the covers. I just grabbed the covers and rolled over, not realizing it was a paranormal occurrence.
Background: (On this road cross country trip of 2006, Tom would turn down the air conditioning before we went to be at night during our stay in places because we would be too cold otherwise. On several occasions during the early morning hours, I would have the other problem of being too hot and stir a little.)
In Room 204, Tom had turned down the air conditioning before we went to bed as was our custom.
When I became too hot and stirred a little in a semi conscious state, something cool would gently move across my forehead, cooling me down and putting me back to sleep!
When we were packing up to move our stuff the next morning, I had put my little camera bag on the bed. I had left it in the room when we went down for breakfast. Before leaving, we did our usual idiot check to be sure we didn't leave anything behind. We had already moved our stuff down to the car, when I noticed the camera wasn't in the bag. I got the key from the desk and Tom went back up to the room to take a look. He immediately saw it in plain site sitting in the middle of the chair by the window. The camera wasn't in the chair when we had first left the room because we would've seen it. The maid hadn't been in the room yet, so it must have been the entity of Anne returning the camera after she had looked at it.
The Entity of the African American servant Cook who haunts the basement kitchen and restaurant area.
She hates women.
This entity pushes women who work in her kitchen in the back and jangles her bracelets at them.
This entity will slap or flick women as well.
She plays mean tricks on the female staff who work in the restaurant and tavern.
As in many restaurants, the kitchen will feed its bartenders. One female bartender wrote up an order for crab cakes, and put it on the order board. On her dinner break, she found her written order by a plate of crab cakes. It turned out to be an order for a waiting customer and no one had seen this bartender's written order.
She has scared waitresses by pushing silverware from the table settings laid out on the tables.
She likes to rattle pots and pans to let the staff know she is there.
Pots have been known to take pots off their hooks in the kitchen and drop them.
She has her sad moments.
A maintenance man was doing some work when he heard a woman sobbing in the kitchen. He went in the kitchen, armed with a knife to find no one living there.
The Entity of the Merchant Marine
This entity seems to be relaxed, enjoys music and is helpful to the staff.
His apparition dressed in his uniform has been seen listening to the piano player and has been seen strolling through the garden room.
He helped a staff member who was closing the basement restaurant for the evening, by turning off the light which the staff member couldn't reach without a chair.
Yes indeed!
The joint is jumping with paranormal activity, which the owners, staff and guests accept as part of the experience of this old building.

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