Haunted Calgary Presents Rottontail’s Revenge: A Horror-Themed Egg Hunt

Haunted Calgary Rottontail's Revenge

Introducing Calgary’s Only Horror-Themed Egg Hunt

Easter in Calgary just got a whole lot spookier with an event that’s bound to send shivers down your spine. Imagine embarking on an Easter egg hunt, not in the usual sunshine and fields of flowers, but amidst creeping shadows, lurking monsters, and heart-pounding suspense. Welcome to Haunted Calgary’s Rottontail’s Revenge – a horror-themed extravaganza that promises an Easter experience unlike any other.

What is Haunted Calgary: Rottontail’s Revenge?

Calgary’s newest spooky event for 2024 is here! Participate in a unique experience of a horror-themed egg hunt. There are options for all ages available.

Unleash Your Fearless Spirit: The Location

Located in Calgary, Alberta

Set against the eerie backdrop of Park 96, Rottontail’s Revenge offers two editions tailored to different levels of bravery. Are you ready to push your limits?

Option 1: Adult & Teen Edition (Terrifying)

For those who dare to tread into the realm of pure terror, the Adult & Teen Edition of Rottontail’s Revenge awaits. As twilight descends, participants will navigate through the haunting grounds, hunting for Easter eggs while evading the clutches of horrifying creatures. Ghastly ghouls, twisted fairytale nightmares, and other spectral beings prowl the darkness, testing the courage of every player.

The challenge is set – collect as many eggs as possible while outwitting the lurking horrors. But beware, the shadows conceal not only eggs but also the elusive Golden Egg, offering a bonus prize to the brave soul who discovers it.

Option 2: Family Edition (A Wee Bit Scary)

Families looking for a slightly less hair-raising adventure can opt for the Family Edition of Rottontail’s Revenge. Here, the thrill is toned down to accommodate younger participants, ensuring a fun-filled experience for all ages. As you venture through the grounds, keep your eyes peeled for hidden eggs of various colors. But watch out for the creepy characters lurking nearby, ready to engage you in a game of tag. Every tagged player must surrender one of their collected eggs, adding an extra layer of excitement to the hunt.

Beyond the Hunt

But Rottontail’s Revenge is more than just an egg hunt – it’s a full-fledged Easter extravaganza. In addition to the spine-tingling hunt, participants can enjoy a range of bonus activities, from creepy Easter bunny photos to glitter tattoos and games. And when hunger strikes, fear not – Rottontail’s Treats and Eats Snack Bar has you covered with delicious snacks to keep your energy up for the adventure ahead.

Safety First

While the aim is to scare, safety remains a top priority. Emergency staff will be on standby, and safe zones will be available for those who need a moment away from the horror. Guests are advised to dress for the weather, wear sturdy footwear, and bring a flashlight to navigate the darkened grounds.

Dare to Join a Horror-Themed Egg hunt?

Are you brave enough to take on Rottontail’s Revenge? Tickets are limited, so secure your spot now for a spooky Easter adventure, horror-themed egg hunt that will haunt your dreams – in the best way possible. Whether you’re seeking thrills with friends or a spooky family outing, Rottontail’s Revenge promises an unforgettable experience filled with scares, surprises, and Easter delights.

Attend Haunted Calgary’s Easter horror-themed egg hunt if you dare, and let the haunting begin…

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