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West Virginia Penitentiary, 818 Jefferson Avenue, Moundsville, West Virginia 26041
Location: In the town of Moundsville, West Virginia Penitentiary can be found on the corner of Jefferson and 8th Street. From I-70, take Route 2 South to Moundsville, turn left on Eighth Street, and the Penitentiary is two blocks ahead.
Prisons are often the places of unhappy, angry people and death by the hands of authorities or by other prisoners happened. Thus, prisons are a great place to find ghosts of people who have had traumatic experiences or have even died there, and can't quite leave just yet.
(Alcatraz * Fort Delaware)
1) Maintenance Man who lived in the basement - Is often seen by the living wandering around the bathroom area of this basement.
Most often seen ghost. The maintenance man made it his hobby to report the wrong doings of inmates to the guards, which must have made him feel important and superior. The inmates got together and shivved him with homemade knives, while he was sitting on the toilet.
2) Arvil Paul Adkins - Is thought to haunt the gallows area.
One of many botched hangings: He was up on the scaffold, but the trap door opened prematurely and he fell down through the hole, landing on his head, becoming badly injured. The guards took him back up on the scaffold and hung him correctly this time.
3) Inmate Roberts haunts his cell block and the room where he met his death. It was reported that his body was buried behind a wall.
Cincinnati Enquirer, Nov. 30, 1886 - Reported that that many deaths were caused by the wardens, who had been known to torture misbehaving inmates with ice cold water in the face while being held in stocks. The really bad inmates were given with near death beatings, tied to a Kicking Jenny. Inmate's feet were clamped to the floor, while their bodies were bent over a kicking Jenny, with their hands tied above their heads on blocks. How lovely!!!
4) The winter recreation room in the basement, called the Sugar Shack, has been the hotbed of paranormal activity. Though no one was killed here, a lot of violence, probably inmate rape/sex and other injuries happened here because they were very loosely supervised by guards.
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