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In 1837, Speaker of the House, John Wilson, stabbed to death Rep. Anthony after one too many heated discussions between the two, right after they had fisti-cuffs on the floor of the August chamber. Though Wilson was acquitted of murder because it was an "excusable homicide," his political career was in tatters, and he was a broken man.
Also, in 1872, President Grant had to step in with officers to restore the rightfully elected governor, Elisha Baxter, to office, after the loser of this gubernatorial election, Joseph Brooks, forcibly removed Baxter from the state house chambers.
An apparition of a man dressed in a 19th century coat frock is seen walking down the aisles of the Central Hall on the second floor.
The apparition is thought to be the ghost of John Wilson, who had died a broken, unhappy man, who never got over his ruined political career. He goes about his business, perhaps trying to make up for lost time.
Or perhaps, the deposed Joseph Brooks is trying to make a come back, or is reliving his brief victory over the electoral process which turned against him and elected his political rival, Elisha Baxter.
Yes indeed.
This apparition is still seen today.

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