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The Levy Mansion was built in 1906 for William Levy, a prominent mining entrepreneur. With his interests in "The Unionville Mining Company" he was able to finance the construction of this Mansion. The building originally faced Granite Street which is now South Sierra Street, but in 1940 it was moved 90 degrees and now faces California Avenue. The move was to accommodate the interests of William Levy's two heirs, his daughters Mildred and Fritzi. The parcel was split into two lots one for each daughter. The house was moved to the left of it's original location where Mildred continued to live. Fritzi chose to live in San Francisco.
We found "The Levy Mansion" to be unquestionably Haunted, and we have had the pleasure of conducting more than one Seance at this location for the previous manager Shannon. The Seances were not part of our investigation. Here are some of my impressions through the Seances:
Most of the sittings were performed in the attic. I've found 3 children; one boy (died of some sort of fever, I believe has finally crossed.) The others are 2 girls about 9 or 10 years old. One of the girls is the most active of all the spirits in the house. She seems to do a lot of running on the second and third floors, always closer to the back of the building. I believe her name to be Carole or Caroline. The interesting thing about her is that she runs not only in the house but also outside as well (I got a lot of activity near the back left of the building.) The others don't seem to leave the house. There is also a thin man in a dark suit who is extremely protective of her.
The Cellar is also a hot spot. I believe something is buried in the wall under the side door. Not so much a body but more like something of value to someone before their death. I also believe that at some point there was a fire that originated in the basement. In this fire I believe a woman was killed, possibly one of the children's mothers.
Another very active spot was the "Blue Room" which is now a skin care room on the left side of the building on the second floor. The best Seance I've done there was in this room. We've also gotten very good video of moving orbs in this room. I believe there is a portal on the 1st floor very near the fireplace. It's clear to us that this "Metro Day Spa" as it currently stands is extremely haunted. Not only because of the Seances but also because of the amount of evp gotten there and the clarity of them.


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