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The Inn at Jerome has eight guest rooms, designed in their original Victorian style popular around 1900. This Inn has a large parlor with a fireplace. The Inn's restaurant, The Jerome Grill, offers registered dietician approved American cuisine and heart healthy cuisine. The breakfasts that come with the guests' stay are highly rated and recommended.
This building, once known as the Clinksdale building, was built in 1899, made of poured, reinforced concrete. The walls were 18 inches thick, with the idea to make it as fire-proof as possible, as it was being built upon the ashes of a fire-destroyed building, the victim of the 3rd fire which hit Jerome.
It was once the home of Madam Jennie Banters' Bordello, a very popular place which earned a pretty penny in its day. When the ladies of the night were forced off the main street of town, the building was used as a hardware store on the bottom floor and the upper bedrooms on the second floor were turned into apartments. This building has been in continuous use ever since.
The upstairs rooms and hallway have cold and hot spots, locked doors are opened and closed, as well as other occurrences often attributed to entities abound in this very haunted building.
1) Madam Jennie Banter - Easily the wealthiest woman in town in her era, became active in the building after it was transformed into the Inn at Jerome, probably very pleased with the renovation efforts.
A) Her favorite room seems to be the Lariat and Lace Room. She has rearranged the furniture, likes to play with the ceiling fan, and has been known to move items in the room to places of her choice, much to the annoyance of the maids, and to the surprise of the guests. She is kind to the maids by turning on the radio as they tidy up the room for the next guests.
B) Jennie likes to keep an eye on the cook in the Grille kitchen, and lets her presence be known. She has made objects like ice cream scoops fly off their resting place onto the floor, if not put away properly? She made the cook books move by themselves until they fell on the floor. Perhaps she was trying to look up a recipe!
2) Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty! - A kitty cat from the past still claims the Inn at Jerome as home. It is thought to be Madam Jennie's pampered pet.
A) Guests, employees and the managers of the Inn have felt the friendly kitty rub up against their legs.
B) It's plaintive meows have been heard in various areas of the building.
C) The sound of a cat sharpening its claws was heard, coming from a shelf, located above the doorway, as one enters the Inn at Jerome.
D) This kitty is still taking naps on the beds in the guest rooms. The cat rolls up in a tight ball, making an indentation on the bed.
E) This kitty appeared in the kitchen when he ran quickly from under the grill, once around the startled cook's feet and scampered away, vanishing into thin air.
3) Elderly Male Ghost - A friendly, gentle spirit, with a sense of humor, who has chosen the Inn at Jerome as his eternal retirement home.
A) Was seen by the manager as she walked down the hall past the guest rooms. She saw a hazy, grayish colored apparition of an elderly man, standing by the window in the room called Pillow Talk, looking down at the alley below. He was dressed in work clothes from an earlier time and wore a felt hat.
B) Has been known to laugh at the maids and the Inn managers, and at some guests as well.
C) After making the bed and straightening and smoothing the pillows and comforter in the rooms Pillow Talk and Kiss and Tell, the maid would leave for a moment and when she returned, she would find the indentation of a human body on the bed. She immediately redid the bed, only to find the same indentation when she checked the room again!
D) The doors to the armoire in the Kiss and Tell Room seem to have a mind of their own, and open and close on their own schedule.
4) The Grumpy Male Ghost - An entity with some issues. Perhaps he isn't pleased with the renovations of the building, or that this Inn at Jerome and Grille Restaurant has moved into the building. There's always a critic! He gets his chuckles by startling the living, though he never hurts anyone.
He likes to hang out in the upstairs area...
A) A cold wind blew strongly through one of the guest rooms, removing the blankets off the startled guests. The windows were closed, and there was no reasonable explanation.
B) While straightening up in the Victorian Rose Room, a maid saw a shadowy apparition of a man move across the room and go behind the door.
C) The smell of roses, and sometimes of perfume, moves through the Victorian Rose Room, and the water faucets have been known to turn on and off in the sink at will.
And the Jerome Grill...
D) A waitress on the early morning shift was alone in the restaurant, when she heard a man's footsteps walking up behind her. Thinking it was the cook, she turned around to talk to him. Instead, standing there was the shadowy apparition seen in the Victorian Room with a bad attitude, starring at her with cold, grumpy disapproval, with his head cocked to one side. After she screamed, it disappeared quickly.
E) Whistling has been heard in the bar area.
F) In the kitchen, the cook was reaching down to pick up something off a lower shelf, when two plastic containers from a high shelf in the preparation area suddenly fell down and hit him in the head. While it didn't hurt him, it did shake him up a little.
G) This grumpy ghost likes to eavesdrop on occasion on conversations in the Grille. When a skeptic verbally expressed to her group that the hauntings were a bunch of nonsense, a metal sign sitting up on a ledge above her suddenly flew down with a bang onto the floor.
Other Jerome Grill Hauntings ... Could be any of the ghostly residents staying in the Inn at Jerome
A) Glasses sitting on tables have been known to slide off by themselves with a crash.
B) A waitress in the restaurant's rest room heard a woman singing, followed by a loud bang. No one else outside the bathroom heard this.
C) Like entities everywhere, the ghost(s) that haunt the restaurant are fascinated with electric devices, especially the answering machine. After it was turned off after the restaurant had opened, the machine turned itself on three different times, much to the annoyance of the waitress in charge of turning it off when she arrived at work.
Yes indeed!

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