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About Us

Welcome to the spine-chilling world of Haunted Montrose, where fear takes center stage and nightmares come to life! Returning to Montrose, Georgia, with an even greater dose of terror, Haunted Montrose is poised to become your ultimate destination for heart-pounding thrills and spine-tingling scares.

Prepare yourself for a night of unparalleled horror as you step into Georgia's premier haunted attraction. Haunted Montrose beckons the brave and the curious to explore its ominous depths, promising an unforgettable experience that will leave you trembling and exhilarated.

Located in the heart of Montrose, Haunted Montrose boasts not one, not two, but three distinct and utterly terrifying haunted houses. Each haunted house is meticulously designed to immerse you in a world of fear, utilizing state-of-the-art special effects, bone-chilling soundscapes, and intricate set designs that transport you to the darkest corners of your imagination.

For those seeking a respite from the heart-pounding scares, the Scare-Free Zone awaits. Step inside this safe haven, where you can catch your breath, recharge your courage, and take a moment to steady your nerves. The Scare-Free Zone provides a welcoming and well-lit environment complete with a concession area, comfortable tables, chairs, and convenient restrooms. Here, you can find solace while enjoying movies and music specially curated for the faint-hearted or those in need of a temporary reprieve from the horrors that await.

At Haunted Montrose, we take your safety and enjoyment seriously. Our highly trained staff is committed to delivering a night of thrills that will leave you both terrified and amazed. Whether you're a seasoned horror aficionado or a newcomer to the world of fright, Haunted Montrose promises an immersive and pulse-pounding experience that will stay with you long after you've left.

Get ready to face your deepest fears and journey into the unknown at Haunted Montrose. Are you brave enough to step through our doors? Only the courageous will survive the terror that awaits within. Embrace the fear, feel the adrenaline, and join us for a night you'll never forget.


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