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About Us

Haunted Manor of Davisboro is a two story 1900’s Victorian home transformed into Middle Ga.’s scariest haunted house. New owner, William Horton, purchased the home in hopes of remodeling and reselling/renting the home. Unexpectedly, Horton bought more than he bargained for.

Several strange and unexplained events have occurred during his efforts to remodel including his discovery and apparently unwanted disturbance of an unmarked plot on the property grounds. In an attempt to avoid any further issues, he has planted corn fields and a small garden in the back. Unfortunately, his attempts to better use the grounds has given way to masking some of the terrors that lurk in its rows. Some say visions are seen amongst the rows at night… others say sounds of screams and terror can be heard during the darkest of nights and refer to the grounds as the “Fields of Screams”. Others believe the sounds of screams are coming from deep within the walls of the Manor… only the bravest souls can determine which is true and enter for themselves.

Horton has attempted to investigate what he believes is evidence of hauntings and has been told by others previously living there that no one in their right mind would stay in this house… not by their free will. Most are unwilling to comment and shutter at the mere mention of some of the events as if it were a repeat of a horror filled experience previously encountered. As the new owner of an empty but interesting and curious home, Horton decided to work to enhance the homes natural scary nature by bringing to life its horror within the walls and provide Davisboro and Middle Ga. with an opportunity to test their courage…

Come see for yourself and “Dare to be Scared!”
Please remember … the only way out is "Beyond the Graveyard" and through the “Field of Screams"

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