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A dedicated man, Percy Keene, with a passion for the arts in a big way, had been a stage manager and involved with this theater from 1895 through 1967; the year he died.
A dog in some time period, was used to patrol the theater.
Many people loved to come and watch the shows and productions over the years.
Remodeling and restoring old buildings usually stirs up entities who are hanging around.
In 1967, a film class from the University of Wisconsin, at Oshkosh, was making a movie inside the Grand. Some of the student crew spied the full,detailed apparition of a man with small round glasses, standing in the balcony, smiling at them. They were able to describe to a tee the likeness of Percy Keene.
An entity held a broken rope together, so that the student assistant who was hanging above the stage during a student play was kept from falling. the entity is thought to be the ever helpful, Percy Keene.
During the sneak preview of a student film, the entity of a pleased, supportive presence of Percy Keene was seen standing in the balcony.
Footsteps are heard coming up the staircase to the balcony, but no one living is ever seen.
Performers on stage, during rehearsals, have seen entities of people sitting in the audience, enjoying their efforts. The seats where these ghostly theater lovers were sitting were pushed down.
There is a doggy entity still guarding the theater, sometimes scaring the people in the theater.
Oh yes, indeed!
There seems to be a dedicated, volunteer stage manager, the entity of Percy Keene, and a four footed guard dog are still doing their jobs. Theater-loving entities treat themselves to the rehearsals on stage.
A tour of the haunted building is planned for adults on Halloween, after the horror flicks, complete with stories of the entities who stay here.


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