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About Us

3 Haunts Fused into 1 Nightmare!

The darkest of all evils revolt to seize control of Dread Hollow’s bloody, unhallowed ground. Vengeance for untold wicked deeds consumes those who dare enter.

The long-abandoned toy factory was the rumored site of Thadeus Krane’s inhumane experiments to discover the secret of immortality. After spending his fortune trying to cheat death, he turned to back-alley surgeons, washed-up engineers, and occultists to continue his quest. At 120 years old, Krane was last seen 30 years ago. Recent sightings of grotesque half-human, half-machine creatures have been reported on the grounds of Krane Toys. Meddlesome trespassers have gone missing, lured to the factory by strange flashes of light, whirring machines, and muffled moans.

Blood-soaked swamp lands encircling Harley Farm conceal the murderous secrets of a family fallen prey to greed and The Harvester’s perpetual thirst for human sacrifice. Guarding the forsaken land at any cost to sustain its earthly form, The Harvester unleashes his walking-dead minions and savage ravens against all who set foot on the tainted soil.

Chaos reigns in Dread Hollow’s menacing lower west side. With the mysterious disappearance of Mayor Al, Rikkets and his dark legion of circus freaks and carny rejects band together in revolt to take control of the depraved town. Enter the realm of mayhem where nightmares come to life, and there is no escape from the madness!

Eugene Todd - Vengeance
Notorious serial killer, Eugene Todd, has returned with new twisted challenges for his unsuspecting victims. Lured to his killing room, you are trapped and forced to take part in his sinister mind games. Solve the riddles to earn your freedom or fail and become part of his monstrous collection.

Do You Want to Play?

30 Minute Experience; Up to 6 Participants

The Factory
You enter an old factory to explore. The door slams shut. You try to open it, but find you’re locked in. The countdown begins as you see explosives around the building triggered to destroy the facility. You must solve the code to deactivate the machine programmed to detonate the explosion or become a permanent “fixture” in Dread Hollow.


30 Minute Experience; Up to 6 Participants

The mayor of Dread Hollow has disappeared, leaving behind a murderous plan to purge the doomed town of his enemies. Find clues to uncover the mayor's secrets before his devious plot unfolds.

Unveil the Darkness that Lies Within

30 Minute Experience; Up to 8 Participants



Thur. 8PM - 10PM
Fri. 8PM- 11PM
Sat. 7PM - 11 PM
Sun. 7PM- 10 PM
Halloween 8PM - 10PM

Ticket Information

All Tickets are Timed-Entry
Tickets Sold Online Only - DREADHOLLOW.COM.
Presale Discount Ticket $22, available 9/1/22 through 9/21/22
$25 beginning 9/22/22
Presale Discount - $13/per person for escape room reservations on Oct. 1, 2 & 6, if purchased 9/1/22 through 9/21/22
$15/per person for all escape rooms, beginning 9/22/22

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