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About Us

Rigor Mortis Haunted House Attractions is a walk-through dark attraction filled with state of the art environments, amazing special effects, and terrifying live actors.??

Journey through not just one haunted house but two for the price of one!

In 1964 the Mcminnville Mortuary was honored to serve the Herald family with the lose of their dearly beloved Albert. Albert was an mysterious individual, the owner of a candle shop that was a local staple in the Mcminnville Plaza. The candle shop was located in the underground portion of the mall next to the McMinnville Mortuary. In the early morning of sept 13th at exactly 3:13AM a fire broke out in the candle shop killing Albert. Albert and his shop where no more but his legacy would still live on... ??

After the fire, investigators found experimentations of human bodies that where later found to be supplied by the now flooded Mcminnville Mortuary.. the experimentations were horrific with humans being turned into candles.. The only other artifact found was a note saying “ don’t blow out the candle - Candle-man” Left burning beside it was one single candle.

After Alberts funeral the owner and funeral director Dewitt blew out alberts Candle and EVERYTHING CHANGED. The McMinnville Mortuary flooded leaving remnants to what it once was with only one way out. A portal of the supernatural mythical world of the candle man and his intentions are now terrorizing revenge on anyone who dares to walk through the flood walls of the McMinnville Mortuary. Will you make it out of the CANDLE-MANS dark universe?

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