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About Us

While Bio Tech's intentions were good, The out come of their Snake Venom enhancement program, turned this little Town into "Hell" when a Accident led to their Super Venomous Snakes Escaping in town and the surrounding woods.
When Bitten the locals become zombie mutants with a taste for Brains ! Your Job... access the disaster and report back if you survive !

You'll start in the Creepy little Ghost Town... Then tour Bio Tech research factory (3D UV Black Light Maze) but you will have to wear your Chromadepth Glasses to Navigate the dimensions... walking out of town you'll find the Carnival in Chaos with Zombie Carney Clowns left behind by their Ringmaster, Run don't walk away if they ask you to Play, Your Next Mission is Making it through the Haunted Woods. The trail seems like the end of the line as Zombie's and Infected Creatures lurk in the dark... But the few Brave locals left, Have turned the prison into a Zombie Containment Area and need your help to contain the terror. the lucky ones make it out alive but face the Zombie Snakes along the trail and in the river... you can make it to the other side... but you must cross the Bridge over Troubled Waters...Its Good Luck or Good Bye !

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