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About Us

What's lurking in the shadows, hiding in the next room and waiting - only you can find out. Every measure is taken to bring out the best experience possible. Everything from our cutting edge sets to our terrifying actors. No detail is over looked. See what everyone was screaming about last year and why some never made it out.
Terror Nights Events:
"Chiseltooth Manor"
780 people are reported missing every year in the state of Texas. In backwoods - on abandoned roads - people loose their way. Some people are unlucky enough to be found... There are families that have dark secrets, this one is no exception. Marred by rumors of unspeakable acts of violence; this family has had decades to practice. So if your lost, make sure youre not found.
This is one sick and deranged family, who has a ravenous appetite for chainsaws and torture! Become an eyewitness to the gory carnage inflicted by Captain Chiseltooth, Jethro Chiseltooth, Baby Doe Rain Chiseltooth & Buck Buck Chiseltooth. As you enter their world, you will quickly realize that you are your only hope for survival.
"Nightmare Factory" - East Texas' only 3D attraction!
Once upon a time, there was toy factory, full of laughter and joy. The children warmed the Toymaker's heart, but his true love was for his only daughter. Suddenly she grew very ill and died, leaving the Toymaker insane and broken. Never wanting to be alone again he turns people into living toys, including his only daughter.
Now the Toy Maker is waiting for YOU! Enter the factory and see for yourself.. But be careful YOU may be his next creation!

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