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About Us

Welcome to Vampire Manor, a chillingly thrilling experience that has been haunting the hearts of visitors since its inception in 1989. Originally conceived as a fundraising endeavor for the Charles County Dive Rescue team, Vampire Manor has evolved into a hallmark of fear and fun, leaving a trail of shivers down the spines of those who dare to enter.

Vampire Manor's dark legacy began in the quaint town of Indian Head in 1989, where it first materialized as a captivating fundraiser. As the years progressed, this macabre spectacle migrated its eerie presence to different locales, including a haunting stint in Waldorf from 1990 to 1992 and an unsettling occupation in LaPlata from 1993 to 1997.

In 1998, Vampire Manor found its permanent abode in the sinister shadows of Bel Alton. It is here that the manor stands today, beckoning those seeking a hair-raising escapade into its ghastly chambers. Notably, this establishment is under the careful stewardship of Charles County Dive Rescue, Inc., ensuring that every step into its realm serves a higher purpose.

Step through the gates of Vampire Manor and delve into a world where the boundary between reality and nightmare blurs. Be prepared for heart-pounding encounters, spine-tingling surprises, and a labyrinth of horrors that will test your resolve. The history of this haunted manor isn't just about scares—it's about giving back. All proceeds generated from this petrifying experience contribute to the betterment of non-profit organizations, including the esteemed Charles County Dive Rescue Inc. (Company 13), the valiant Bel Alton Volunteer Fire Department (Company 10), and drama programs at local county high schools.

Remarkably, many of the volunteer actors who bring the manor's sinister inhabitants to life hail from these very drama programs, infusing the attraction with an authentic, bone-chilling essence.

Prepare to be spellbound by the legacy of Vampire Manor, a haven for those seeking thrills, chills, and the noble pursuit of giving back. Embark on this harrowing journey and be part of a tradition that unites spine-tingling excitement with charitable endeavors, all in the spirit of spine-chilling camaraderie.

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