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About Us

Experience the mystique of the City of Legends, nestled within North America's oldest city. Nestled on the slopes encircling St. John's harbor, often shrouded in the enigmatic mist drifting from the North Atlantic, St. John's exudes history, as well as a realm of the supernatural. Meandering through the heart of the historic downtown area are dimly lit alleys and pathways, where echoes of the past persist.

As you traverse the town, you'll find yourself engulfed in recollections of public executions, duels, and chilling homicides. You'll journey past forgotten graveyards and nameless resting places, alongside structures renowned as destinations for those who've transcended to the beyond. Within these hidden places, you might encounter the restless spirits of vengeful lovers, fallen soldiers, and the eerie aftermath of unexplained fires. For those who dare to uncover the enigmas veiled in St. John's most obscure corners, an unforgettable odyssey awaits.

Welcome to the St. John's Haunted Hike – an immersive walking tour tailored to those who seek an infusion of mystery into their exploration of history!

Can’t attend in person? No worry! On demand any time – Virtual Campfire

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