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The Adolphus Hotel was the brainchild of Adolphus Busch, the founder of the renowned Busch Beer Company. In 1910 the city of Dallas was booming, and was crying out for a grand hotel. The city leaders spoke with Adolphus in the hope of convincing him to back the build. He did, and construction began later that year on a new $1 million hotel.
The planning of the build was contracted out to the architectural geniuses Barnett, Haynes, and Barnett of St. Louis. Their task was to create a masterpiece that signified Dallas as a city that means business. Its baroque style was unlike any other building in downtown, a downtown which was considered unsophisticated by many.
The plan was to name the hotel the New Oriental, in homage to the first hotel Adolphus built on the opposite corner of where the new hotel was being built – the Oriental Hotel. However, it was decided that in honour of the owner, the Adolphus was born.
Over its 100 year history the Adolphus has played host to many famous guests and business moguls, as well as Royalty and Presidents.
The historic Adolphus Hotel has been providing guests with opulence and excellence in service and comfort since its opening in 1912. Its offerings are the reason why so many guests return year after year, and perhaps the reason why some guests have stayed behind…
One of the more common reports is received by the front desk manager during the night, from guests complaining about either loud footsteps outside their rooms, or the sound of a piano or a big band playing music from time past. Upon inspection by security staff, there is never anybody in the hallway, nor is there anyone playing music.
Another common experience from guests and staff alike, is the feeling of being watched/followed. Staff working the aptly named “graveyard shift” experience this feeling all the time. However, upon looking round behind them there is never anyone there. Accompanying this feeling are often the sounds of doors slamming shut nearby.
Shortly after the death of a woman who was a regular at the hotel’s bistro, the staff began to see her apparition walking in and sitting down at her usual table. Housekeepers have witnessed a tapping on their shoulders whilst working in the restroom areas, and staff have also witnessed windows flying open when they approach them.
Saving the most popular report of paranormal activity until the very last! There is believed to be the ghost of a jilted bride wondering the 19th floor of the hotel. She was due to be married one day during the 1930?s, but her fiancé didn’t show, leaving the bride-to-be embarrassed and broken-hearted. Later that day her body was found, hanging a few feet from the spot where she was due to say her vows. For those people staying on the 19th floor, a regular occurrence is the sound of a woman crying, and footsteps along the hallway. Her apparition has been seen by many guests, often when there has been a function or party. Her ghost is often accompanied by the sound of a music box playing 1930?s tunes.

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