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About Us

Welcome to the twenty, twenty season of Terror at Tyrol. And oh, what sites we have to show you this year. An all new vision of fright. Your journey begins at the top of the world. And descends sharply into horror. A winding trek through the woodland hell of TWISTED WOOD TRAIL. Best move swiftly. But stay sharp. You are never alone... And beyond a forgotten society waits to guide you along your way.

Welcome to PONGO'S PLAYHOUSE. An explosive experience in sight and sound. But do not be fooled. The trap is set and Pongo is always on the lookout for a new addition to the collection. If you have made it this far, and you are ready for more enter the mouth of madness.

And make your way through HECATE'S LABYRINTH. Where the sisters of the coven await to ensnare and entice. But beware. Get to close and they’ll have your soul for supper.

Once around and back again through PATRICK's GREEN. Where eternal rest is a dream, and a nightmare is the reality. Last but not least. They are the unwanted, the forgotten, the wastes of humanity. And so they dwell, among the wastes of humanity. But they will be ignored no longer. Meet the inhabitants of THE BONE YARD. So, come to the place where fear takes form. Come to Terror at Tyrol. You’ll leave screaming.

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