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Rolling Hills Asylum's plethora of paranormal activity has made it a sought after location for many of the top paranormal shows including Ghost Adventures, Destination Fear, Ghost Asylum, Ghost Hunters, Legendary Locations and more!
Known for an abundance of Class "A" EVPs, it is not unusual for spirits to call out visitors by name. Full body apparitions, shadow people, disembodied voices, and the infamous "Screaming Lady" send chills up the spines of even the toughest of the tough guys.
So whether you are a skeptic, an arm chair paranormal enthusiast or a seasoned investigator, get yourself committed to Rolling Hills Asylum...if you dare!
Established January 1, 1827 as the Genesee County Poor House, with the addition of the Genesse County Infirmary in 1938 and then converted to the Genesee County Nursing Home in 1964 (affectionately called "the old county home" by the locals) was originally a working farm that became a hodgepodge community for the castoffs of society. Referred to as inmates, the residents included widows, orphans, grandparents, civil war veterans, Native Americans, drunkards, mentally and physically disabled, even criminals. all mingled and lived here together. With over 1,700 documented deaths, and hundreds, if not thousands of others unrecorded, the unclaimed dead were buried on the properties own potters field. No wonder Rolling Hills Asylum is a hot bed for paranormal activity!

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Come on out for a self guided ghost hunt through the 60,000 square foot - extremely haunted with real ghosts - infamous Rolling Hills Asylum!
Get Committed to a 3 hr Psych Hold! Sure - anyone, even your kids, can make it through a theatrical-style haunted house, but what about a TRULY Haunted Location With REAL Ghosts? Do You Dare Roam the Halls Alone?
No Actors No Fog No SFX What you experience is all REAL REAL Ghosts In a Truly Haunted Asylum!
3 Hr Psych Holds include overview of the history, tips on how to investigate, self guided ghost hunt, and if you request - our experienced investigators are happy to accompany you.
Advanced Tickets Only

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