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About Us

All 3 haunts this year are indoors, Twisted Circus 3D, Deadwood Asylum, and Cinegore.

It’s been eight years since Redrum’s inception; Eight seasons exploring the dark depths of assaulting all senses to create endorphin rushing adrenaline pumping scares. This season we go back to the house on which the foundation of Redrum was built. We pay homage to our opening season and put our Redrum twist on the greatest horror films of all time.

Deadwood Asylum:
The asylum operated flawlessly until sometime in late October of 1966. A violent dimensional vortex ripped through the building engulfing the residents and staff in a hellish lightning storm. Possessed by demonic energy, they turned on each other. Torturous screams filled the halls and echoed through the woods for decades. The vortex had sealed Deadwood Asylum from the outside world.

Twisted Circus Rewired 3D:
Underneath this patchy rotting tent festers a spectacle unlike any seen before. No mainstream entertainment or traveling circus can compare to the horrors kept within. These are not trained animals; these are not caged animals. The greatest horror on Earth proudly presents Twisted Circus Rewired 3D. An extravaganza of defiled debauchery, psychedelic psychosis, viscous vertigo the likes you have yet to witness. What lies herein can not be described; No one has lived to tell.

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