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Raven's Curse Haunted House:
There is a place near the outskirts of Centralia, IL that locals claim is haunted. Many years ago a wealthy land owner, Alexander Hemsworth, and his family lived on the property. Tragedy struck in 1935 when Hemsworth's only daughter, a black haired beauty named Anabelle, was diagnosed with a severe mental illness. Rather than send her off to a state run asylum, Alexander instead had a state of the art asylum built behind the family home so he could monitor Anabelle's care personally.

As years passed and Anabelle's condition only worsened, Alexander began to conduct cruel and barabric experiments on the other patients in a desperate attempt to cure his daughter. One evening, Anabelle heard far off screams, followed the sounds, and discovered the truth behind her father's "research". In a fit of rage and disgust, Anabelle led the other patients in a riot. A fire broke out and quickly spread through the asylum trapping everyone inside. There were no survivors. When police went to question the family, they found everyone dead. Reports described the deaths as "heart attacks". Many towns people believe that the spirits of the tortured patients came to the family after the fire and, quite literally, scared them to death.

Today, Hemsworth Estate and the Anabelle Hemsworth Asylum sit vacant. Many claim that the property is still haunted by the ghosts of the asylum patients and the Hemsworth family. Some say they have even seen the black haired Anabelle, commonly referred to as the Raven, wandering the grounds at night. Will you make it through the old family home and the decrepit asylum...or will Anabelle make sure you never leave? Can you survive the Raven's Curse?

Slaughter on the Midway:
Rumor has it that the rundown carnival on the edge of town may be back open for business. Many claim that, late at night, the midway lights come alive and the sound of carnival fanfare floats through the air…but the carnival has been abandoned since Halloween night in 1976. That night, the clowns went on a murderous rampage through the carnival grounds killing more than 100 patrons before going down in a hail of police bullets in what became Centralia’s most gruesome murder spree since the “Hemsworth Massacre” of 1954. Authorities are warning everyone to stay away from the carnival grounds while they investigate the activity there. The carnival grounds are extremely dangerous and under no circumstances should anyone enter the area.

You’ve been warned! If you choose to enter Slaughter on the Midway, you do so at your own risk. Once inside, you’ll wander through the crumbling remains of the carnival funhouse, the midway, and even the old spook house avoiding the ghosts of killer clowns and trying to keep your sanity. This carnival is not for the squeamish or the faint of heart and you had better be careful if you hope to exit in one piece!

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