Due to constant changes to location(s) hours, days and availability, please check the location website or contact via phone prior to planning a visit.

About Us


The Dark Ride is a combination of elements of a theme park ride where you ride from scene to scene with the high-intensity scares of the more traditional haunted houses brought together to created a totally new outdoor haunted experience. Being outside gives us the advantage of real fog, real sounds, real smells, real moonlight, and real creatures lurking just out of range of the lights. We regularly hear coyotes and owls howling just over the fence. Knowing those sounds are real only enhances the experience and besides, who isn’t afraid of being in the woods at night? Those brave enough to venture into the Dark Ride will climb into their own Scareage, a custom vehicle, Owner, Victor Marquez designed specifically for Psycho Path. While most outdoor haunts rely on noisy tractors to pull a wagon, the Psycho Path Scareages are so quiet riders will hear leaves rustling or twigs snapping in the darkness. Some of the sounds are man-made, and some are not, but they all combine to enhance the 20 minute journey through the heavily-wooded land. Along the way, you will pass through scenes filled with custom props, buildings, and oh yeah, creatures that spring out when you least suspect it. We offer this final warning: “Once you climb aboard, there’s no turning back”. Riders are not permitted to leave the vehicle after the ride starts, so you’ve got to be up to the challenge of the Psycho Path. We like to say “it may be your only way home.”

The Dark Ride is our signature Scareage ride through our nearly mile long trail. THIS IS NOT A HAYRIDE!

The Shadow Box is our 4,160 sq. ft. walk through haunted house. You’re embarking on a journey where you are plunged into the terrors that your mind conjures. What will YOUR lovely mind do to YOU when you are trapped in a house and haven’t slept for days…..In your sleep deprived mind the lines between delusion and reality become blurred. As you journey deeper and deeper into the house you are accosted by strange sights and sounds—are they real or are they imaginary? You’re afraid to move forward, fearful of what might lie in wait in the next room or down the hall. You can’t go back. You must pass through your fear if you wish to find your way out. Those things that nightmares are made of hope you don’t! The delicious taste of your terror feeds them life.

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Ticket Information

-Tickets will ONLY be available online and will be purchased in a timed-ticketing fashion. This
plays two major roles. 1- this will allow everyone to properly social distance. 2- this will
dramatically reduce your wait time.
-Tickets will be sold in sets of two (2) people. The reason for this is each row on the scareage
holds two people and we do not want to mix groups in one row.
-Once you arrive at our main entrance, youll be greeted by our Ticketing Staff, who will guide
you to the appropriate place, based on your time frame. Please do not exit your vehicle earlier
than 15 minutes before your time slot unless you are accessing concessions or the restroom.
-If youre more than 10 minutes late for your time-slot, well do what we can to get you in,
however please keep in mind that Psycho Path may not be able to accommodate you when you
arrive late.
-No walk-up guests will be admitted. All tickets must be pre-purchased in advance, online, to
ensure contactless payment methods.
-We prefer group / family sizes of 8, so, were offering you a deal! Buy 8 tickets, and get $40
OFF! The reason for the number 8 is because that is the amount of people one Scareage can
hold. Itll auto discount in the checkout section on our website

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