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About Us

This is not your average haunted house! The zombie plague is sweeping across the nation and it has infested Oswego. Meet up at South Point for your evacuation orders. You will be transported out of town through the remote “hot zone”. Your only chance of survival is to make it through this heavily infested forest without becoming infected. On your way, you will need to find and secure all of the elements that are essential for survival while evading the impending hordes of the undead in rough and uneven terrain.

Survival Supplies
Bring a flashlight to help guide you during this interactive adventure. Dare to tackle the challenge solo, or assemble your best zombie survival team to increase your odds of making it out unscathed.

Zombie Swag
Upon emerging from the woods, all participants receive a t-shirt commemorating their survival or induction into the growing zombie nation.

This scary event is rated PG-13
For blood, gore, darkness, and ghouls. It is recommended for high school age and up, but we will allow 12 year olds to attend the Daylight/Dusk sessions.

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