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About Us

MI Haunted House HIGHLIGHTS: We put terror in your face with 5 Nationally Acclaimed Attractions!
We also have performers wandering the grounds, a country store, fire pits and Scary-o-kee Karaoke!
The Asylum:
In 1912, Dr. Jeremiah Wiard founded the Wiard’s Asylum as an alternative to the cold, stark institutions run by the state. All was well in the beginning; the patients behaved, the staff was friendly and the grounds were well kept. But, as time went by, the mood changed, and asylum became a dangerous place for both patients and staff. Concerned family members removed their loved ones until only the criminally insane were left. Security decreased as the staff began to quit. During this period Dr. Wiard also began to go through personal changes. His grip on reality slipped. For several days he didn’t come to work, and his assistant went to check on him at home. When he arrived, he found the front door open and blood on the porch. As he entered the home, he found Dr. Wiard’s family laying on the living room floor, each of them dissected with their skin pinned back. Dr. Wiard was standing in the corner, glassy-eyed and mumbling to himself.
Jeremiah Wiard was made a ward of his own asylum, which eventually fell into ruin. One fateful night a storm knocked out the power and the building went black. Neighbors heard screams coming from the asylum but there was no light to see what was happening. At daybreak, the police arrived to find the building empty with no signs of any crime. No one was inside and no one was ever found there again.
Since that date, the old asylum has been abandoned. But recently, strange lights and cries have been coming from the building, and neighbors have reported pet mutilations, destruction to property and unknown footprints on their lawns.
You’re thinking of going in there? Are you crazy?
The Ultimate Haunted Barn:
As the story goes, fifty years or so ago, thieves were looting the orchard barn when a hungry bear wandered in, looking for a midnight snack. Little did he know he’d found more than just the fresh apples to satisfy his appetite. The bear blocked the only way out of the barn and the thieves were trapped among the crates of apples. They tried to scare him off, but the bear tore them limb from limb until there was no way to tell shredded flesh from the shredded apples the bear went for next.
Once his stomach was full, and his lips were wet with blood and juice, the bear lumbered off into the night. By the time the orchard workers found the bodies, the stench was putrid. They decided that since there was no means of identifying the thieves, and they didn’t want to draw attention to the tragedy, they buried the remains in the floor and sealed the barn until time erased the memory of this gruesome event.
Years later, the barn was opened again, its dark history long forgotten. Workers didn’t think anything of the odd noises and flickering lights to begin with but then the whispers and screams came.
The thieves never escaped their fate… will you?


Night Terrors Michigan's Largest Chills & Thrills Park PHOTOS

Ticket Information

Night Terrors Michigan's Largest Chills & Thrills Park
7:00 pm - 11:30 pm on Fridays & Saturdays
7:00 pm - 11:00 pm on Sundays & Thursdays
The Terror begins at 7:30 pm and doesn't end until the Last Soul is served!
Grand opening September 26th!
Beware! This is not your average haunted house! The acres of Wiard's Orchards south of Ypsilanti Township, Michigan (near Ann Arbor, in Washtenaw County) are truly haunted. The history of these lands has lived in haunted houses of Michigan lore for centuries. Courageous souls who have dared to set foot on the haunted grounds of this old orchard say they can still hear the howling sounds of the night. So said the few brave souls who have survived, and the fear will always live in them. There comes a time in each of our lives when we must face our fears and face the terror of these haunted lands. What's your Fear? Is it the dark? Is it death? Is it the old haunted house next door? Or is it just the unknown? Prepare yourself to confront those fears at one or all 6 of the Wiard chilling haunted attractions: the Ultimate Haunted Barn, the Asylum, The Mineshaft, Hayrides of the Lost, The Labyrinth and Alien Caged Clowns. Because at Night Terrors, Michigan's Premier Haunted Thrill Park, we are NOT just another haunted house in Michigan!
We have 6 chilling attractions at Night Terrors including:
The Ultimate Haunted Barn
The Asylum
The Mindshaft
The Hayride of the Lost
The Labyrinth
Alien Caged Clowns
also Scaryoke
The Ultimate Haunted Barn:
Within these walls are the remains of the legend of Wiard's Apple Thieves?
As the story goes the thieves were looting the barn when bad fortune fell upon them. A hungry bear, tall as two men, from Ann Arbor, Michigan, wandered into the torch-lit barn. Little did he know he'd found more than fresh apples to satisfy his appetite. Unfortunately for - 2012 Calendar both Sept & Oct is online:
7:30 - 11:00, but vary. Check website.
$16, or check website for combo rates
All Ages
HAUNTED HOUSE DIRECTIONS: Night Terrors is located at Wiards Orchards in Ypsilanti, Michigan near Ann Arbor in Washtenaw County. I-94 to exit 183, South on Huron to Stoney Creek Rd. Follow signs.

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