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About Us

Step into Hysteria Haunted Experience for a no frills thrill filled fright fest designed to leave you looking over your shoulder. It is never the same and it always keeps you wanting more.Prepare yourselves for THE HAUNT!! We are unleashing a New Haunted Attraction in the backwoods of Spencer WV. No escape, No puzzles, No time limit... just pure terror. Are you able to survive 30,000 sq feet of terror. There is only one way to find out......The HauntDo you have the courage to enter HYSTERIA's THE HAUNT? Here you will experience over 30,000 sq feet of pure adrenaline terror. This is not for the faint of heart. You will be looking behind you in every turn. You will have to face the the dark tight spaces where creatures are lurking. You will crawl to escape the terror. If you make it thru you will think you are on the verge of escaping..... Not so fast. There you will enter the sensory over load by being blindfolded to experience what lurks behind each corner by touch. Too scared? ( you can bypass this if you cant handle it) Most important you will have to go thru decontamination before you can leave the grounds!!! Haunted Manor Virtual Reality ExperienceWalk the terrifying hollow trail to your destination of fate…. WELCOME TO THE MANOR. Mind blowing technology will lead you to your final doom. Prepare your mind to experience the thrill and terror of the haunted MANOR. If you escape you will then be inside the sensory overload and blindfolded to feel your way around every corner and anticipate what is behind every corner. Too scared? (You can bypass this if you can’t handle it)

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