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About Us

Hauntedweb of Horrors is the scariest and most innovative haunted attraction in Memphis, TN. Hauntedweb of Horrors is back this Halloween season featuring five haunt experiences for you to choose from at one location. Each haunt will have something frightful in store to suit everyone's taste for a good scream this Halloween season.

The Dark Matter:
Dark Matter is visual thrill of darkness and light created by the Dr HAcker in his attempts to drive the sane, insane. With 3D glasses you too can experience what maddened his victims. Let's hope you escape with your life and your mind.

Dr. Hacker's Asylum:
You will enter Dr. Hacker's twisted asylum. The good doctor wanted to try and cure insanity by learning techniques that drove people to madness. He had so much fun that he never bothered to cure his patients. Those that died were discarded into the dark woods behind the aslyum where the resident Crawley Family considered them... food for thought.

Forest of Fear:
As you enter the Forest you may have to face your biggest fears. A thousand eyes will be watching you. The sounds and smells may make you weak, but don't run, you might get caught in a sticky situation.

Hillbilly Shack:
When you enter the Crawley Family Shack you may be greeted with crooked, toothless smiles, but don't worry, they love having guests for dinner. You may see Zeb lounging around, or find a few toys to play with. Beware though, the Crawley's are weary about strangers walking through their home.

Slaughter House:
As you enter the Slaughter House you may feel compelled to run, but don't, he loves a chase. Don't be alarmed by the family's trophies hanging around, that's just their way of "showing the goods". Don't let the sheets get in your way, you may not make it out in one piece.

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