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In the fall of 1878, in a iron mine located in the center of the property a tragic explosion trapped 13 miners underground. The mine owner Mr. Moore, was told the men could be rescued but the cost would be astronomical to dig that far and fast to save them and also they could not guarantee the mine would be usable after the rescue as digging around that fast would likely cause further collapse.

Mr. Moore, decided to inform the families that the miners had died in the collapse and unfortunately their bodies could not be recovered. He instructed the remaining workers to dig as the section in which the collapse took place was rich in iron ore. It took workers (8) days to dig into the shaft where the collapse took place. Once they punched through the fallen rock and debris they found all 13 men had survived the collapse but it appeared they had suffocated. Their bodies were in the positions you could tell they had been attempting to dig themselves out, their fingernails gone, fingers bloody and cut from trying to dig through with only their bare hands.

When Mr. Moore was informed of this, he instructed his workers to remove the bodies and bury them in unmarked graves on the east side of the property near the forest. The workers did as they were told and never mentioned the horrific scenes they had witnessed.

Strange things started happening in and around the mine shortly after, many of the workers who buried the bodies disappeared, they would simply walk off into the Forrest to never be seen again. A few of the others committed suicide on the property. Mr. Moore and his entire family became ill, one by one he watched his children die, then his wife and eventually he was also found dead in the family home which was only a short distance from the mine. Doctors said he was found with iron dust in his lungs and he had likely suffocated in his sleep.

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