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About Us

There’s a stir at Haunted Hillside this season. A black ops team has been sent by the government to assess and control the situation. They have setup a Quarantine zone to weed out the infected. Have you been infected? Only one way to find out, come out to Haunted Hillside this season to be screened. Don’t worry, there are plenty of military personnel on hand to maintain a calm and orderly experience.
The angry farmer was forced to forfeit his property to this government black ops team. Over the past several months this poor man has become a mechanic, plotting his revenge on those that have wronged him by devising all sorts of mechanical monstrosities in his Salvage Yard. The creatures that he is creating should never see the light of day. Soon he will have his revenge.
The Forest of the Forgotten is where the victims of darker times exist. Evil enchantments keep them tied to this world. These poor souls may have been forgotten, but they make sure that anyone that ventures into their forest never forgets.
Scarecrow Alley is back again. The corn, yes walking through the corn where anxiety takes over your senses and maintains that sensation of actually walking through a scary movie. You are right there in it, and the only way out is forward. Once you finish with the cornfield, we’re not done with you yet!
You can’t leave without going through Helltown to visit the killbillies. These possessed and deranged folk offer all kinds of fun, but they don’t take to kindly to visitors, so watch out!
Come out to Haunted Hillside in Mount Pleasant to get a taste of what feels like to actually be in a scary movie!
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Ticket Information

For the 2015 season, Haunted Hillside will be using "timed ticketing". What does this mean for you? Well, you purchase your ticket for a specific date and 30 minute time window. The great part about this is that you should not need to wait more than 30 minutes beyond your ticket time.
So now you don't have to worry about wasting 2 to 3 hours in line to get into the attraction. We'd love for you to hang out at Haunted Hillside, but we want you to hang out because you WANT to and not because you have to.
Special discounts if you purchase your tickets on our website instead of at the gate. - $20.00

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