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Ainsworth Manor was the largest estate in the town of Ainsworth in 1879. Built by the Aegen family, the Manor stood in exquisite glory overlooking the desolate town of Ainsworth. Elegantly standing in a town overrun by scoundrels and crooks, the Manor often fell victim to pilferage and thieving. Ainsworth Manor eventually met with its destruction in 1885, brought down by blazing fire. The Aegen family, awakened by the blistering heat and suffocating smoke, found themselves trapped in their rooms. The entire family perished.

Fifty years later, an unsuspecting family came to the newly built town of Pasco looking for a fresh start. The old Ainsworth Manor, in its sad demise, was full of mystery and appeal to the young new family. They would soon come to find the original occupants of the Ainsworth Manor had not yet left their homestead. Illness overcame the family as they began rebuilding the once grand mansion. Dark shadows moved over the chilly rooms. Voices and whispering echoed through empty rooms and hallways as the family cowered in terror of their house. With dread they feared they would be held captive in the Ainsworth Manor until the Aegen family exterminated each one of them.

Do you dare provoke the Aegen family? Can you make it through Ainsworth Manor without disturbing these tortured souls?

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