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About Us

Located at Walters Pumpkin Patch - 3 haunted events, one location, one price! Victims get aboard either the Haywagon or the "Hell Bound" Ambulance for the start of your nightmare adventure traveling down a long, winding, dark.,deserted road crossing over the low water bridge and cautiously heading through the corn and pumpkin fields. Once inside the Lunatic Asylum maze, patients bang their heads and plead to leave the "hell" that they are in. If you stay in the asylum too long, you actually feel like you're going to go insane. The Haunted Cannery is the ultimate fun house filled with horrifying music, clowns, chainsaws, zombies, spiders, vampires and anything horrific that comes to mind. In fact, the cannery is everything found in your worst nightmare. Participants who pay extra for RIP admission get to experience the closed lid casket ride at the RIP MORTUARY. That crazy ambulance driver drops you off here first because you look dead to him. Victims take a horrifying close encounter to dying and experiencing the underworld. But you shouldn't worry, if someone does open the locked casket lid and finds you "alive" you will suddenly realize you have bypassed the front of the line and gotten in front of all the other crazies getting into the Lunatic Asylum.

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