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Welcome to Haunt Manor Hayrides and Haunted Houses: A Journey into Terror

Experience the Thrills of the Haunted Hayride

Embark on a spine-tingling adventure aboard our Haunted Hayride, where special effects, pyrotechnics, and daring stunts await around every turn. Dare to brave the darkened trails as a sinister presence looms, transforming the once peaceful surroundings into a realm of pure terror.

Explore Six Haunted Houses

Delve into the depths of fear as you step into one of our six Haunted Houses, each boasting a unique theme that changes yearly. From abandoned prisons to haunted attics, every corner holds new nightmares waiting to be uncovered.

Conquer the Corn Maze and Haunted Trail

Test your courage further by navigating our corn maze and Haunted Trail, where spine-tingling thrills await those who dare to venture forth. With every twist and turn, the shadows seem to grow darker, and the whispers of unseen horrors grow louder.

Witness the Illusion Show

Prepare to have your senses deceived as you witness our nightly Illusion show, where reality and illusion blur, leaving you questioning what's real and what's merely a trick of the mind. Can you trust your senses in a world where nothing is as it seems?

Entertainment Galore in the Midway

Immerse yourself in the eerie atmosphere of our Midway, where live music and entertainment await to heighten your haunted experience. From chilling performances to bone-chilling delights, there's never a dull moment at Haunt Manor.

Discover the Dark Secrets of Battle of Lundy’s Lane

Located just west of the historic Battle of Lundy’s Lane graveyard, our 220-year-old farm holds its own dark secrets. Reports of ghostly apparitions still haunt the grounds, adding an extra layer of terror to your visit.

New Attractions: Hollywood Horror Story Chapter 2

Don't miss out on our latest addition, the Hollywood Horror Story Chapter 2, where you'll walk through outdoor tunnels and an abandoned city walk-through in the backwoods of the Haunted Hayride. Experience heart-racing thrills unlike any other.

Plan Your Visit

Haunt Manor opens the first Saturday in October and is open at 7 pm - 11 pm, with select dates throughout the Halloween season. Visit the Haunt Manor website for more information on dates, directions, and ticket reservations.

We Are Halloween

Step into the darkness and face your deepest fears at Haunt Manor Hayrides & Haunted Houses. But beware, once you enter, there's no turning back...


Haunt Manor Hayrides & Haunted Houses delivers an exhilarating blend of thrills and chills that left me trembling with excitement. From the heart-pounding Haunted Hayride, complete with jaw-dropping special effects, to the six spine-tingling Haunted Houses, each with its own unique theme, every moment was filled with suspense and terror.

Navigating the Corn Maze and Haunted Trail was a test of courage, with every step bringing me closer to the edge of my seat. The Illusion Show added an extra layer of intrigue, leaving me questioning reality long after the curtains closed.

Entertainment in the Midway kept the atmosphere electric, while the historic backdrop of Battle of Lundy’s Lane added an eerie authenticity to the experience. And with the addition of the Hollywood Horror Story Chapter 2, the fear factor was taken to new heights.

Overall, Haunt Manor exceeded my expectations, providing a night of unforgettable frights that will haunt my dreams for years to come. If you're looking for an adrenaline-pumping Halloween experience, look no further than Haunt Manor Hayrides & Haunted Houses.

Haunt Manor is a Haunt Tonight favourite and is one of the best haunted houses in Ontario.

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Ticket Information

Visit the Haunt Manor official website for ticket details.

  • Lee
    September 22, 2022 at 8:50 pm

    This is one of my favourite haunts! My favourite part is the haunted hayride. It is always done very well and its nice to sit for a little while.
    They have entertainment including a live band which helps kill time when you are waiting in long line-ups to get into the haunted houses. It is always so busy but I understand why. It is one of the more expensive haunts in Ontario but it is well worth it. If you haven’t been to this haunt I highly recommend you check it out.

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