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About Us

Nyah’s Haunted Woods is the latest and greatest craze in the Treasure Valley’s MOST SCARIEST places! Join us on Friday and Saturday nights at the Twin Oaks Farms Halloween Land Corn Maze.

With a blend of a true organic location & your most terrifying nightmares, Nyah’s Haunted Woods brings your secret fears to life. The inhabiting monsters are the products of twisted notions of false safety. The course covers a vast amount of farm land out at Twin Oaks Farms, with a giant pyramid at the center. After receiving instructions from our Gate Keeper, you are sent on your way down a long dark path of building anticipation. At the risk of too much reveal, we will simply say if you are brave enough to make it past this point then you are in for quite the treat.

An actual Living Haunted House will be on your journey once you make it beyond our graveyard, which as once a boneyard many years ago. The true count is unknown but it is believed that there were over 400 poor vagrants thrown into the mass grave site. Once you scream your way beyond our insane asylum corral where the farmers’ dirty little secrets are kept, the psychological games begin. A beautifully lit archway, a path of twinkling lights, a glistening pond reflecting the moonlight, & then a field of sunflowers seems like you are walking into a sweet dream when in fact it is leading you into a morbid nightmare. If you survive, you now are awarded the chance to meet Nyah, the 182 year old baby zombie. She may appear to be a child but don’t let that fool your senses.

Following her direction, the true nature of her evil intentions are revealed as you make your way through an array of terrors, including a run in with the King Zombie, in the hopes getting away. If you are lucky enough to make it to the demented witch at the row of pumpkins then you can breathe a sigh of relief because you have made it out alive. We cannot guarantee that the psychological effects of your visit will dissipate immediately & with the highest current scare rating in the valley, we relish the notion.

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