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About Us

Haunted Hay Ride:
Terror on the farm; Looking for some bone chilling fun? Well, Greenspot Farms has become well known for it's thrilling Haunted Hayride. Our beautiful groomed farm becomes scattered with wicked monsters and screaming lost souls by night! The taunting old farmer is back with his twisted family for thirteen nights of horror to reclaim what is "THEIRS!" They haunt the ravines, orchards, and lonely winding roads searching for others, (YOU) to entertain them. While waiting for your ride sip on a cup of coffee or hot cider and warm yourself by our fire. It may be the last bit of comfort you will ever get! Let the Terror on the Farm begin!!

We have taken you down dark winding roads and into th orchards filled with haunting screams. Every year you return for more! So, you got it! No more safe confines fo the tractor wagons. “the trail” will take you deep into the farm where you will be alone except for the creepy crawlers. Can you find your way back through the rustling rush and tall looming trees? Or will you find yourself in the arms of the farms darkest creature, the ones that keep you awake at night!

Haunted Trail:
More Hauntings on the farm! Last year we added “THE TRAIL” It was loved by the ones of you who made it out. As for the rest, we will never know! If you're longing for a bit of excitement, come explore the darkness on foot alone. Beware of the looming trees and things that slither across your toes. Bone chillingscreams will wake the dead. Leaving you more vulnerable as you struggle to find your way out. Back in the “safer” (hehe) confines of the tractor, travel up through the black orchards and fields. Feel the temperature drop as you near the graveyard. The cold will send chills down your spine and raise the hair on the back of your neck. Most frightening of all are the things you cannot see but they are there searching for more victims. Snuggle close and hope they overlook you. Greenspot Farms haunted hayride, fear is real in the fields of Greenspot Farms and Ghosts live on the trails. They only come out at night, the undead, ghosts and goblins that is. They are here every Halloween!

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