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About Us

Fear Itself is also considered one of the most intense and entertaining Dark Attractions anywhere. If you're looking to experience one of the best haunted houses in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio or Illinois, then you need to see the Fear Itself at Legend Park Show! As one of the top Scream Parks in America, this show will rock your world!

5 Attractions this Season!

Dark Circus:
Something has gone terrible wrong with the Sinister Circus. With all of the shenanigans the creepy clowns have been up to, this should come as no surprise to anyone. It was just a matter of time before the deranged Ring Master went totally off the deep end. As leader of the Sinister Circus, he maintained his composure (somewhat) until recently. Rumor has it that he has ordered the destruction of all of the circus animals, has murdered many of the circus clowns and tortured and dismembered each and every guest that was in the circus at the time of his breakdown. Now, he challenges you to come to his circus, lights down low, with only the worst of the worst clowns left... and they can't wait to play with YOU!

WARD 13 - Zombie Asylum:
If Cuckoo's Nest freaked you out... Ward 13 Zombie Asylum will leave you breathless. Nurse Hatchet and her barbaric staff of fraudulent physicians and nurses have gone too far. Their heinous surgical experiments have backfired after a patient from Ward 13 died during a grim experimental, mind-bending surgery. He shocked staff when he came out of the morgue zombified. Apparently the drugs or the surgical procedure concluded with an abrupt and unexpected result. While the nightwalker lost his life he didn't loose his memory and he began to eliminate docs, nurses, patients and other staff alike. It appears that each and every one of them have fallen to the disease and now the entire hospital is swarming with walking dead. Avoid it at all costs or you may become a permanent resident!

RAT TRAP...World's End:
Rat Trap is like no other haunted house or outdoor maze anywhere left on Earth. It’s post–apocalyptic hysteria in what is left of New York City (now known as the Rotten Apple). After a nuclear war and months of fallout there are few survivors. The dead are considered the lucky ones. The survivors: a couple of corrupt, despicable opportunists, the Militia (who only protect their own) and the “Rotting Night Walkers” (those infected by diseased rats). This Big Rotting City is dark, confusing and horrifying. Your goal is to find the key that unlocks the box to the treasure… and of course, to make it out alive, in the time allotted! If you are successful you could WIN BIG.

The return of the dark, dreary and dangerous, Rock Monkey Caves. These Caves and Caverns are filled with scary creatures that deliver nightmares like you could not imaging. Lightning fast, razor-like teeth and nails like steel, the Rock Monsters that dwell here will tear you to shreds if they discover you've entered their home sweet home. If you have the guts, come see the world's largest haunted house creatures yourself. Hurry though, they're waiting for you!

TAKEN is a dark attraction like no other. You will be blindfolded. You will be taken into the dark. You will be at the mercy of those who take you. The question is not, will you be taken. The question is, will you ever get back?!. The odds are not in your favor.

BRAINSTORM - Special Event:
Brainstorm is like nothing else you have ever seen. You have to make your way through a zombie house in total darkness… except for the small light attached to your back (which happens to be your life). Oh yeah, there are over 100 Zombies inside and their only goal is to take your life… and you have to make your way past all of them to escape.

If you do escape and make it all the way through without losing your life, you get to go through the next house absolutely FREE. And if you make it through that house, you get to move on to the next (again for FREE!) Just remember, there are Zombies awaiting you in each and every house and it gets tougher as you go!

By the way, If you really want this Zombie Invasion to be even more intense and interactive, you can also rent Zombie Blaster Guns and Anti-Zombie Ammo so you can shoot them dead… before they suck your brains out!

This is our Special Biggest Event of the Entire Year… Don’t Miss It!

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