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A private plane lifted off from Runway 9L-27R at the Sanford Airport and disappeared from radar. Shortly after takeoff a frightening conversation between the pilot of the plane and air traffic control took place.

Residents around the airport reported seeing unexplained lights in the skies, a sudden burst of light, some even reported the sound of an explosion

The last sighting of the plane was very close to where it had taken off. The crash location was in Winter Springs, extremely close to the Gee Creek area.

An investigation into the potential crash site immediately took place and the reports of not only a downed plane but some other type of unknown craft began to leak out

The investigators who initially went to the crash site never offered their report and it is reported by some not so reliable sources that every single member of this investigative team died under mysterious and suspicious circumstances

The aviation authority officially closed and sealed the investigation into the reported crash. Officially the airplane was never recovered and there was no other craft or cause of the accident ever offered.

The entire crash site area was sealed off the general public and is undeveloped property in the Winter Springs area of Seminole County

1976 – 2021
Various reports of strange activity in this secure location have been reported. These reports are wide, varied, and most unexplainable. None of them have ever officially been investigated with any explanation offered to the general public, to those who live in the area, and to the many curious investigators who believe that some type of alien space craft may have collided with an airplane back in 1974

The reports include…
Dead animals – radioactive regions – research facilities – alien and human graves – bodies and remains of alien beings – the remnants of the airplane and alien spacecraft collision – an alien spacecraft – strange creatures previously unknown to man

All of these are mere speculation that has added to the reports that there is something wickedly wrong in Winter Springs near Gee Creek.

An anonymous source provided an audio tape of the original conversation between air traffic control and the airplane that had taken off from the Sanford Airport in 1974

The investigation team of Face the Fear filed a request with the National Oversight Protection Environmental (NOPE) group for permission to explore whatever might be hidden in the protected areas of Winter Springs

The answer came back – NOPE !

However - there has been special permission granted for FOUR nights only in October to allow small groups to investigate and explore the restricted area...if you are ready to Face the Fear you can decide for yourself what really happened that night so many years ago....

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