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Estate of Terror
Romansier Manor: Dead and Breakfast
The living who wander into Witchwood Forest are seldom heard from again. Tales of the family who dwelled in these woods are recited by campfire in hushed tones, and
reveal nothing but bloodshed, terror, and misbegotten journeys into the realm of the dead. The Romansier Family matriarch, Deliverance Dane, was burned to death in 1735
for witchcraft, and her legacy carried to descendant Clarence Romansier, whose expertise in embalming formed an unholy union with Deliverance's spells. Driven to madness by the untimely death of his beloved bride Constance Pearce, and a tragic circus train crash at the outskirts of the property, Clarence tampered with dead matter to birth hideous experiments that were never meant to walk this earth. The family's notorious manor, a flophouse with an adjoining funeral parlor, has long been shuttered, but Clarence needs help to resume his experiments in bringing the dearly departed back to life. Romansier Manor's doors have opened for you, weary traveler. Don't make Clarence come looking for you


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