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Interactive Escape Haunted House Details

Groups Up To 8
*If you have a group with less than 8 people, you may be joined with another group.
*No child under the age of 10. We do not want any children trampled on! The younger ones cannot hang sometimes!

* EVERYONE will receive a Rival gun fully loaded. You will have your chance to earn extra ammo as bags of ammo will be hidden throughout the haunted house. Shooting a creature will not kill them, but will stun them for some time so that you can run, regroup, have more time to find the Keys and/or hide so you don't die. You cannot kill or stun The Gatekeeper.
*You will need to find 6 keys and unlock the locks and chains to the Underworld or you will not leave and your spirit will be trapped at the Haunted Escape forever.
*Your mission is to escape the Underworld and escape without being caught (killed).
*The creatures will find you and may tag you (kill you) with their hand gently on the shoulder/back. Your Rival gun will only stun the creature for 10 seconds.
*The Gatekeeper may tag you (kill you) with their hand gently as well. The kicker is that the Rival Guns don't work against The Gatekeeper. If you are tagged, you essentially die. You can still play. It's all in good fun to win a rage session, and who doesn't love Tag. The group with the most people alive at the end of the night AND have successfully escaped to the Underworld, will win a group rage session. (There will be a drawing if there is a tie and you will be notified if you are the winner.)

*Under no circumstances, are you allowed to touch any of our creatures or The Gatekeeper. You are agreeing by purchasing tickets that you understand that you may be tagged (die) and that you will not touch any creatures or The Gatekeeper whatsoever.
*If you or anyone in your group does not make it out (exit early), your whole group dies.
*Tickets must be purchased online. There may be instances where you may can do a walk in, but the price will be higher at the door.
*Must wear closed-toed shoes and good running shoes.
*Be prepared to run!

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