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About Us

Dark Night Halloween World is an All Ages, POP-UP Halloween experience created by haunt industry nerds who love Halloween and all things SpOoOoKy!

We combine the best methods of alternate reality games, immersive/interactive theater, art installations with the nostalgia of an 80s style haunted attraction.

Dark Night Halloween World is intentionally designed to look like a home haunt but with a twist. Our aim is to immerse guests in a genuinely retro environment chock full of nostalgia and real Halloween magick.

You will never know when you are in or out of the show so it just best to assume that it isn't really over, even if you think it is.

Our theme this season takes you back to the 80s to explore a vintage haunt and trail. Your only light source are flashing jack-o-lanterns. Stay on the path and remember, you will not know what is and is not part of the show. You will not know when the show really begins or ends.

The problem with obsessing over the past is you're never looking forward. The moral of our scary story is...Don't look back. The past can be a killer.

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