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About Us

Booger Jim was a crazy man who used to walk the streets of Cherokee Falls never really speaking to anybody. Although he did have a wife and an infant child, Booger Jim would often beat his wife and child. One night Booger Jim got furious at his wife and proceeded to beat her, but this time she had enough and fought back, but out of rage Booger Jim killed his wife by beating her to death. His infant child saw his mother die and started screaming, so Booger Jim beat the infant so it would hush and in the process killed it. Out of rage, sadness, and depression of losing his family he hung himself off the bridge in Cherokee Falls by cables. The Elder locals say if you go to the Booger Jim bridge in Cherokee falls at 12:00 midnight turn off your car and everyone that is there says BOOGER JIM three times he will make himself known. You can hear moans, footsteps underneath the bridge, and red glowing eyes have been spotted in the woods next to the bridge. We bring this to you today because we have tried this and we caught the real Booger Jim on video (video is below) which inspired us to bring you Booger Jim's Hollow.
you have to pause the video right before it goes off to see Booger Jim come across the screen



Booger Jim's Hollow PHOTOS

Ticket Information

Tickets are available in the parking lot at $20 check out our web site for details.

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