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About Us

We're back and BIGGER! Join us for the premiere Downtown Hagerstown Haunted House, a live action, haunted attraction sure to chill you to the bone. Who will survive the Black Box? You may not.

This attraction will give you a 20 to 30 minute experience with a haunted show where you're not guaranteed to make it out of and a pitch black maze for you to travel to find your own way out... Spoiler alert, you cant go the way you came in!

So much sorrow, such misery and pain can make a good man bad. Alistair is one such man. The trains came to the new hub city in 1834 bringing many people from all walks of life. Alistair was the son of a poor stable hand but that didn't stop him from falling for the beautiful Abigail daughter of Cornelius physician and preacher of the area. He wanted much better for his daughter and was enraged when Abigail left home to live with Alistair. Convinced his daughter was victim of the dark arts Cornelius had no choice but to take her life in an exorcism. Alistair accompanied by his faithful friends Silas and Bob Gray set out to bring his love back and take revenge in any manner possible.

We can not guarantee anyone's time or how long the wait will be. We are expecting LARGE crowds. As long as you are in line before the ticket booth closes, we guarantee you will get through the haunt. ADVANCED TICKETS ARE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED but you still must check in at the ticket booth before we close to guarantee going through the haunt.

*All ticket holders must be in line no later than 9pm on Thursday and 10p on Saturday to guarantee their experience.
*No person who is believed to be under the influence of alcohol will be granted entry. If our check-in team or any of our tour guides believe you to be drunk you will not be granted entry! You will be welcome to use your ticket for another night. If it is the last night you will not be granted a refund for any reason as all sales are final.
*Touching our actors will result in immediate ejection from the haunt! our Haunt is video and audio recorded.

* Will you be touched? YES! Our actors may touch you! It's all part of the show. Please remember that your safety is our number 1 concern.
*Some food and drink will be available for purchase. We encourage you to visit our partners at The Dog House for food!
*NO LIGHTS, OPEN FLAMES, CELL PHONES, will be allowed inside the Black Box. Anyone caught trying to use a cell phone, use a flashlight (including those on your phone) Lights or any other type of open flame will be ejected with NO REFUND.
*While the Black Box Studio has a liquor License no alcohol will be served
*Do not touch ANY of the props or decorations. If you break something you will pay for it.
*Any excessive foul language will NOT be tolerated. If you or your party are using excessive foul language your entire party may not be granted entry.

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