6 Creepmas and Krampus-themed Haunted Attractions in 2023

Creepmas haunted attractions

‘Tis the season to be jolly… or is it? For those seeking a twisted twist on the traditional holiday festivities, Creepmas and Krampus-themed haunted attractions offer a spine-chilling alternative. In 2023, horror enthusiasts can indulge in the macabre merriment at various haunted attractions across North America. Let’s unwrap the horrors that await at these sinister celebrations.

1. King City Nightmares – Krampus Haunted Christmas in Bolton, Ontario

Bolton, Ontario, may be known for its serene landscapes, but during the holiday season, King City Nightmares transforms the town into a nightmarish winter wonderland. The highlight of their haunting holiday spectacle is the “Krampus Haunted Christmas” experience. As you step into the chilling atmosphere, Krampus, the mythical horned creature, prowls through the shadows, punishing the naughty with a frightful flair. The combination of festive decorations and spine-tingling scares creates a unique and unforgettable Creepmas experience.

2. House of Torment – Krampus, The Fright Before Christmas in Austin, Texas

Deep in the heart of Texas, Austin’s House of Torment has concocted a diabolical holiday treat: “Krampus, The Fright Before Christmas.” This haunted attraction weaves together the joy of the season with the terror of Krampus, delivering an immersive experience that blurs the lines between festive and fearsome. With expertly designed sets and a cast of ghastly characters, House of Torment ensures that your journey through this twisted winter nightmare will leave you questioning whether it’s the holiday spirit or something more sinister that’s in the air.

3. 13th Floor Haunted House – Krampus, The Fright Before Christmas in Denver, Colorado

In the Mile-High City, 13th Floor Haunted House invites thrill-seekers to embrace the dark side of the holidays with “Krampus, The Fright Before Christmas.” Located in Denver, Colorado, this haunted attraction immerses visitors in a chilling yuletide nightmare where Krampus reigns supreme. The 13th Floor team excels at creating a multi-sensory experience, combining visual and auditory stimuli to ensure that every step you take is fraught with anticipation and dread. It’s a journey into the shadows where holiday cheer takes a back seat to spine-tingling frights.

4. Brighton’s Asylum – Santa’s Slay in Passaic, NJ

Venture into Passaic, New Jersey, and you’ll find Brighton’s Asylum, an eerie institution that takes a sinister spin on Santa’s workshop with their “Santa’s Slay” theme. This Creepmas haunt plunges visitors into a world where the man in the red suit is not spreading joy but terror. The elaborate sets and dedicated actors at Brighton’s Asylum create an atmosphere where the line between holiday cheer and horror blurs, leaving attendees questioning whether they’ll find coal in their stockings or something far more ominous.

5. Bayville Haunted Christmas in Bayville, NY

On Long Island, Bayville Haunted Christmas takes a whimsical yet spine-chilling approach to the holiday season. This attraction in Bayville, New York, transforms its picturesque setting into a haunted holiday haven. From ghastly elves to malevolent snowmen, Bayville Haunted Christmas captures the essence of Creepmas with an impressive array of haunted displays. As you navigate through the chilling scenes, you’ll encounter holiday-themed horrors that will make you think twice about singing cheerful carols in the dark.

6. Scarehouse – A Creepy Christmas in Tarentum, PA

For those near Tarentum, Pennsylvania, Scarehouse presents “A Creepy Christmas.” Known for its year-round commitment to horror, Scarehouse pulls out all the stops during the holiday season. This immersive experience combines the festive charm of Christmas with the unsettling ambiance of a haunted house. The result is a chilling journey that subverts holiday expectations, offering a Creepmas celebration that lingers in your nightmares long after the season has passed.

Merry Creepmas

As the holiday season approaches, these Creepmas and Krampus-themed haunted attractions beckon those brave enough to trade the comfort of chestnuts roasting for a chilling encounter with Krampus and his ghastly companions. So, if you find yourself yearning for a holiday celebration that embraces the darker side of the season, these haunted attractions are sure to deliver a frightful and festive experience like no other. Just remember to check your list twice, because Krampus is coming to town!

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