5 Heart-Stopping Valentine’s Day Haunts

Valentines Day Haunt

New Tradition with Valentine’s Day Haunted Attractions

Love is in the air, but so is the spine-chilling embrace of fear! Get ready for a Valentine’s Day like no other as we explore some of the most terrifying and thrilling haunted attractions across the United States. From Baltimore to Indianapolis, New Jersey to Knoxville, and Leslie, Michigan, our journey into the heart of darkness promises a unique blend of love and terror. Join us as we delve into the details of each haunting experience, where the line between romance and fear blurs in a symphony of screams and heartbeats. Whether you’re a seasoned thrill-seeker or a first-time adventurer, these haunted houses are gearing up to redefine your Valentine’s traditions. Valentine’s Day haunts are increasing in popularity for both couples and individual celebrating. Let the fear unfold and the love bite as we embark on a spine-tingling journey into the unknown.

1. Bennett’s Curse presents a Valentine Fear Experience

Discover unparalleled fear this Valentine’s season at Bennett’s Curse Haunted House in Baltimore, MD, during their exclusive Valentine Fear Experience on February 9-10, 2024. As a locally owned and operated family business, Bennett’s Curse has consistently set itself apart in the haunted attraction scene. Past guests who dared to explore other haunted houses in the area find themselves returning for the unique Bennett’s Curse haunt fix, attesting to its unmatched level of fear. With national TV features and consistent top rankings, Bennett’s Curse promises what you see is what you get—no gimmicks, just pure terror. The Valentine Fear Experience guarantees a heart-pounding adventure, inviting thrill-seekers to immerse themselves in a chilling atmosphere that questions the coexistence of love and fear. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a first-timer, mark your calendar for February 9-10 and prepare for an unforgettable journey into the darkness. Visit https://bennettscurse.com/ for tickets and a glimpse into the horrifying world that awaits you. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to redefine your Valentine’s Day with a night of spine-tingling excitement at Bennett’s Curse Haunted House.

2. The Thirteenth Hour Haunted Attraction Indianapolis

Thirteenth Hour Indy Valentine haunt
Valentine’s Day Haunt Image from thirteenthhourindy.com

Looking for a Valentine’s Day haunted attraction? Embark on a night of thrilling romance at The Thirteenth Hour Haunted Attraction’s exclusive one-night event in 2024—Love is in the Scare! Located at 915 S Shortridge Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46239, this Valentine’s Day, redefine your typical date night with a journey through the dark woods in search of the Cartocker Expeditions Facility. Lady Cartocker and her team have transformed the facility for the wedding of Heinrich Chapel and Agatha Sharpe, offering an eerie yet enchanting setting. Sip on premium adult beverages from the Cartocker Expeditions Bar as you navigate through immersive attractions illuminated only by approaching storms and candlelight. With live actors, mind-blowing special effects, unique characters, and never-before-seen scenes, your date is sure to be gripping onto you for dear life! Secure your spot for this unforgettable experience with online tickets, as popular timeslots are expected to sell out quickly. Don’t miss the chance to make this Valentine’s Day one for the books! Visit https://www.thirteenthhourindy.com/valentinehaunt for more information on tickets.

3. Brighton Asylum Dark Valentine Event

Prepare for a spine-chilling adventure at New Jersey’s favorite Valentine’s Day haunt, the legendary Brighton Asylum this Valentine’s weekend, as its creaky doors swing open for a night of terror on February 10th, 2024, during the exclusive Dark Valentine event. This one-night-only experience promises to be a scary good time, leaving you and your date clinging to each other for dear life. Explore two world-class haunted houses, Brighton Asylum and The Bleeding Grounds, where unique actors and social media-worthy photo op experiences await. The ticket booth opens from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm, with a required waiver for entry. Early purchasing is available now, and it’s strongly recommended to secure your tickets in advance to guarantee your spot in this unforgettable event. Don’t miss the chance to step into the darkness at Brighton Asylum—tickets will be available at the door unless this night of fright sells out online. Visit https://brightonasylum.com/ for more information and to secure your place in the horror-filled festivities!

4. FrightWorks Haunted House – Valentine’s Fate

Those of you looking for a Valentine’s Day haunted attraction in Tennessee, check out FrightsWorks! FrightWorks Haunted House in Knoxville is one of the scariest and most theatrical haunted attractions in the Southeast. Prepare to have your heart race in more ways than one as FrightWorks Haunted House unveils Valentine’s Fate. Embrace the spine-chilling thrill of love in the dark as you navigate through the ominous corridors of fear. This Valentine’s weekend event on February 9th and 10th promises an unforgettable journey into the depths of fright, with tickets priced at just $27 and free parking for added convenience. Dare to confront your fears and discover your fate in the hauntingly romantic atmosphere of FrightWorks. Whether you’re seeking a unique date night experience or an adrenaline-fueled adventure with friends, this is your chance to redefine Valentine’s Day with a touch of terror. Don’t miss out on the love that lurks in the shadows—secure your tickets now and prepare for a night of scares at FrightWorks Haunted House! Interested in tickets? Go to https://www.frightworks.com/ for more information.

5. Awaken Haunted Attraction’s “Love Bites”

Awaken Haunted Attraction Love Bites
Awaken Haunted Attraction Love Bites image from awakenhaunt.com

Embark on an unforgettable night of fright at Awaken Haunted Attraction’s “Love Bites” event in Leslie, Michigan, on February 10th, 2024. Join us for a spine-tingling experience filled with lost loves, tragic endings, and dark secrets. While a date is not mandatory, we strongly recommend you bring your friends along for the journey into the unknown. Each group will be armed with just one flashlight, as Awaken plunges you into a total blackout, intensifying the horror with darker corners and deeper shadows. The scares and fun are bound to be even scarier as your imagination runs wild in this unique Valentine’s Day event. For an extra special evening, consider “Dinner and a Scare,” featuring two Fast Pass tickets to “Love Bites” and a delectable four-course dinner at Boss Cider and Brews. Limited dinner times are available, so act fast to secure your spot in this thrilling night of fright and delight. Visit https://awakenhaunt.com/ for more information and to purchase your tickets. Don’t miss out on a super fun and exciting night of scares that you and your friends won’t forget!

Why Attend Valentine’s Day Haunted Attractions?

This Valentine’s Day, dare to venture beyond the ordinary and immerse yourself in the thrill of haunted attractions that promise a unique blend of love and terror. Attending Valentine’s Day haunted attractions is the perfect way to break free from the clichéd celebrations and infuse a dose of adrenaline into your romantic evening. These heart-pounding experiences create lasting memories as you and your loved ones navigate through the dark corridors of fear, reinforcing the bond between you and your partner in a spine-chilling environment. With each twist and turn, the fear factor intensifies, providing an unparalleled opportunity to face your fears together. Embrace the horror and let the adrenaline fuel your connection, making this Valentine’s Day an unforgettable adventure. So, why settle for the ordinary when you can elevate your celebration with the extraordinary? Attend Valentine’s Day haunted attractions and redefine romance with a touch of terror four times over!

Haunted Attractions for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day haunt

As the echoes of screams and the whispers of the haunted fade away, our exploration of these heart-stopping attractions comes to a close. From the exclusive Valentine Fear Experience at Bennett’s Curse Haunted House to the eerie enchantment of The Thirteenth Hour in Indianapolis, the spine-chilling night at Brighton Asylum, the hauntingly romantic Valentine’s Fate at FrightWorks, and the total blackout experience of “Love Bites” at Awaken Haunted Attraction—each destination has left an indelible mark on this year’s Valentine’s Day. Whether you faced your fears with a loved one or embraced the terror with friends, these haunted attractions have undoubtedly redefined the meaning of love and fear. As the darkness recedes, and the haunting memories linger, we bid farewell to this extraordinary journey into the heart of Valentine’s terror, eagerly anticipating what nightmares and thrills await us in the next haunted adventure. Until then, may your hearts remain courageous and your nights filled with the echoes of screams and the thrill of the unknown.

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