Rekindle Childhood Memories with the 2023 McDonald’s Halloween McNugget Buddies Funko Pop Collection

Halloween McNugget Buddies

Are you ready for a blast from the past with a spooky twist? McDonald’s has teamed up with Funko Pop to bring back the iconic Halloween McNugget Buddies, and this time, they’re all dressed up for Halloween! Get ready to relive the nostalgia and add some delightfully eerie figures to your collection.

A Hauntingly Good Collaboration

McNugget Buddies first made their appearance in the late ’80s and quickly became a beloved staple in Happy Meals. These charming characters came in various costumes throughout the year, and during Halloween, they would transform into spooky creatures that added an extra layer of fun to the mealtime experience. Who could forget the firefighter, police officer, cowboy, and scuba diver McNugget Buddies?

Now, in 2023, McDonald’s and Funko Pop have partnered once again to bring you a Halloween edition of the McNugget Buddies. These new figurines are a throwback to the Halloween-themed McNugget Buddies of the past, but with a fresh and exciting twist.

Meet the Halloween McNugget Buddies

This year’s Halloween McNugget Buddies Funko Pop collection features four spooktacular characters that are sure to delight fans of all ages. Get ready to meet the Witch McNugget, Mummy McNugget, McBoo McNugget, and Vampire McNugget. Each figure is meticulously crafted, capturing the essence of Halloween while retaining the charm that made the McNugget Buddies so beloved.

  • Witch McNugget: This adorable figure sports a witch’s hat and cloak, embodying the magic and mystery of Halloween. She’s ready to cast a spell of nostalgia over your collection.
  • Mummy McNugget: Wrapped in bandages and ready to explore the afterlife, the Mummy McNugget is a timeless classic with a spooky twist. Unwrap the fun with this fantastic figure.
  • McBoo McNugget: Bringing a ghostly grin to the party, McBoo is here with a festive black cat in tow. This playful figure captures the playful spirit of Halloween.
  • Vampire McNugget: For fans of the undead, Vampire McNugget rises from the crypt with a vampire cape and a quirky charm. Sink your teeth into the spook-tastic details of this figure.

Pre-order and Availability

Excited to add these Halloween McNugget Buddies Funko Pop figures to your collection? You’re in luck! The pre-orders are already live on GameStop’s website, with the Witch McNugget, Mummy McNugget, McBoo McNugget, and Vampire McNugget all available for $12.99 USD/ $16.99 CAD each.

The release dates are just around the corner, ensuring that you’ll have plenty of time to display these spooky delights before Halloween. The figures are expected to ship starting September 10 from Amazon and September 18 from GameStop. Keep an eye out for early releases from GameStop, giving you a head start on celebrating the season.

A Glimpse into Halloween McDonald’s

This isn’t the first time McDonald’s has brought back cherished memories for Halloween enthusiasts. Last year, the fast-food giant re-introduced the classic Happy Meal Boo Buckets, inspired by the original trio of Halloween characters from 1986: McBoo, McPunk’n, and McGoblin. The return of these iconic buckets brought joy to fans, and there’s hope for another surprise this year. Keep an eye out for announcements, as McDonald’s tends to reveal such treats in early October.

As you plan your fall festivities, don’t miss out on the chance to bring a touch of Halloween nostalgia to your collection with the Halloween McNugget Buddies Funko Pop figures. These delightful characters are a perfect blend of McDonald’s charm and Halloween spirit, and they’re sure to become treasured additions to your collection. Whether you’re a fan of witches, mummies, ghosts, or vampires, these figures capture the essence of Halloween in a truly unforgettable way. Get ready to relive the magic of McDonald’s McNugget Buddies with a spooky twist – pre-order your Halloween McNugget Funko Pops today!

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